Hey Ladies! Quick question...WWYD

I just have an opinion question for you. I got my LO's pictures done, and part of what I wanted was a baby parts collage. The collage that the photographer is so cute!! One of the pictures is of his bare bottom - which I think is absolutely adorable! When my Mom saw it, she said that she loved the pictures too, but wasn't sure about the hiney one since it will be a big canvas print. Then she went into this long story about how some guy somewhere got some pictures of his baby in the bathtub developed and he almost got his kids taken away... I know she's only trying to help, but now I don't know what to do. Would you put a picture of your LO's bare behind up on the wall? It'll be in his room, and the other baby parts are his ear, lips, fingers, etc. TIA

Re: Hey Ladies! Quick question...WWYD

  • If it doesn't bother you than just leave it as is. You will not be getting the collage printed a professional will and I doubt her/his photo lab will question a baby's behind in a collage. 
  • Just based on what I was told...if the child is under a year old the naked pics are considered okay. We were told this by Picture People when we got DD's 1st bday pics done with her cake smashing.

    So I wouldn't worry about that part.

    If you like it, do it. I would. 

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