Can you help me pick a camera

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My husband's birthday is coming up in May, and he has been talking about getting a new camera for a long time. As far as money is concerned, I am looking at the low end of the spectrum. Also, he would be considered a serious hobbyist, therefore I am not looking for top of the line things. I have looked at the following, and they seem to have good reviews. But since I know almost nothing about photography, I thought I would get your advise!

I realize 2 of these are Sony, but they did have good reviews so please consider! his old camera is a film, Pentax ZX-50 that he got about 10 years ago. He has some filters (haze and one that makes light sparkle) that I would love to be able to use if possible anymore!!

 This one is the cheapest.

This next one is the same (I think) as the first, but more MPs.

And finally this last one is more than I want to spend, but I thought the bundle may be worth it.

Also, if you have any suggestions for any around this price range let me know. I would love to get another lens for him too. And of course I am getting a memory card and carrying case!



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Re: Can you help me pick a camera

  • I found my Canon Rebel T1i on ebay (new) for $715.00 and it came with the kit lens.  I absolutly love this camera and it's a good entry level camera that can take some amazing shots.  Evently you will want to upgrade to a better lens though.  I would say if you are willing to spend the $699.00 for the XS I would spend just a few dollars more for the T1i. Just my opinion though.
  • A couple of suggestions.

     1) Check out Ken Rockwell's website (you can google him). He does reviews for all sorts of cameras, quality-wise.

     2) I really would suggest you look at buying from Adorama or B&H photo. The nice thing about them is there is no tax or shipping!

     3) With Sony, you'll be limited with lenses. If he's serious, you might want to do Canon or Nikon.

    4) I would suggest looking into getting just the body (without a kit lens) and maybe a prime lens, like the 50mm f/1.8. It all depends on what you think he will want. If you think he would like the variety that a kit lens would provide, though, then that's fine. It just won't work as well in super low light.

    5) I agree with Kelly. I wouldn't get the XS if you can spend just a little more for the T1i.

    6) You could also look at the Nikon D40! It's a great little camera! You really should have your DH look and feel ANY camera before you buy. I tried Nikon and Canon and the Canon just felt WEIRD in my hands. Just a thought!


    Edit: If you do end up going to the D40, just keep in mind that it would need lenses that are AF-S (ones that have an auto-focus motor in them.) because the body doesn't have an auto-focus motor in it.

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  • Just to let you know if you decide to go with the Canon XS BH Photo has the body with the kit lens included for $499.95. 

     ETA: Just saw the post above mine and buying refurbished is a good way to go.  

  • I would avoid Sony if you can.  Generally with DSLRs you want to stick with Nikon or Canon. There's more lenses, accessories, and if he wants assistance there are A LOT more Canon/Nikon users.  Not to mention software support/compatibility.

    The Canon XS will be a great camera for someone starting out, but you might find that he'll outgrow some of the features in time if he plans to become pretty serious.  If you can stretch your money a little more I would look into an Canon Rebel XSi or T1i/T2i.  Even refurbished or used (from a reputable place).  You can even get a Canon 40D for about $400 (body only).

    Nikon has the D3000, D3100, or D5000 (rumor is there will be a D5100 out soon, but hard to say with the earthquake in Japan).  The only downfall with these model is that it doesn't accept AF lenses, you'll need AF-S lenses.  You'll want the Nikon D90 if you don't want to worry about lenses.

  • If he's a serious hobbyist, I would stick with Canon and Nikon for lens selection and price.  Consider buying refurbished from Adorama or B&H Photo.  I recommend the Nikon D90 or D7000 (latest version of D90) so you don't have to worry about AF-S lenses (some lenses won't autofocus on certain cameras, but D90 doesn't matter).  For Canon I would go with T1i or better.

    Also camera brand is specific to the individual.  I had a Pentax before my Nikon and Nikon felt intuitive, while Canon felt clumsy.  Make sure you husband tries some out. 

  • I second the Canon Refurbished....I just got a refurbished 50D and there is no way that it looks "used", heck, it even smells brand new (is there such a thing as a new camera smell?).  I highly recommend the refurbished can get a great deal!
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