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How much is your 2-3 Month old FF LO eating?

Just wondering how much your LO's are eating. DD is 2M1W old and eating about 28 oz a day! The doctor told me she should be eating between 24 and 26, but that doesnt hold her, she cries for more if I do that. I had been feeding her 4 oz every 3 hours during the day and one feeding at night between 2-4am, but now she seems to want more than the 4 at each feeding. uuugh, I hate going against what the dr says, but she isnt here dealing with a screaming baby who is starving!

PS- DD was 13 lbs at 2 month well visit

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Re: How much is your 2-3 Month old FF LO eating?

  • I remember reading somewhere that they should get 2.5 oz per pound for the day. So if she is 13 lbs, that would be 32.5 oz.
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  • my LO was 13lb at his 2mo visit as well...we are up to almost FORTY NINE OUNCES a day. it is totally freaking me out and even my pedi said it really is a lot that he is eating and to try and drop the middle of the night bottle....but that's easier said than done! last time we discussed how much he was eating, she said if he's hungry, feed him, so that's what i did....yikes.


  • My son is 10 weeks and eats the exact same amounts as your DD... I also heard the 2.5 X weight thing... I think what she's doing sounds right.
  • DS is 10 weeks and is up to 5-6 oz a feeding almost every three hours, with sometimes one feeding at night, sometimes not. He's about the same, 28 oz or more. He weighed 10 lbs 14 oz at 2 mos, and the doctor is thrilled with his growth. He had a little weight trouble in the beginning, dropping over a pound after birth. He's not going to over eat at this age, and he's very adamant (unconsolable crying) when he's still hungry. I wouldn't worry about your LOs weight at this point, she's still so young. Every baby is different, and if they're hungry, they need food! Granted, I'm not a doctor, just a first time mom learning from my LO's cues. It sounds like your DD is thriving, and you can go with your instincts on this. Good luck!
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  • DS was 12lbs 10oz at his 2 month appt. He was eating 4oz every two hours. If he took a long nap or we went on a car ride we could hold him off to 3 to 5 hours between bottles. Otherwise every 2 hours.

    Now, getting close to 3months we are doing about 6 oz every 3 to 5 hours. Sometimes its less than 6 oz. He is a good eater.

  • DD will be 2 months on Sunday. She's eating around 5 oz every 3 hours or so during the day (4-6 hours at night). She was born 9 lb 5 oz and was 11 lbs 10 oz at her 2 month appt. Pedi told us to continue to feed her as she's hungry and to up the amount as necessary (based on her hunger). She said that if we get up to 8 oz and she doesn't seem satisfied to call and she'd discuss introducing rice cereal (as she said we have a ways to go with that, but we may get there before her next appointment in early June). They've never given us an amount to stay within--just to feed her if she's hungry. 
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  • I go by this chart I got from Baby 411:

    However, I wanted to share with you a formula feeding chart I have. I got it from the book Baby 411 (AMAZING book):

    Birth to 2 wks: 18-24oz

    2 weeks to 2 months: 20-32oz

    2 to 4 months: 30-40oz

    4 to 6 months: 30-40z 

    6 to 9 months: 28-36oz (the amount starts to decrease with the introduction of solid foods)

    9-12 months: 20-30oz

    At one year, they say it's time to rid of the bottle.



    I think that right now at 3 months he's eating about 31 oz a day. How often do you feed your LO? And how much at a time? Have you tried cluster feeding? Maybe doing frequent smaller meals might help.


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