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13 month old separation anxiety?

We have been very blessed with an amazing little boy who's a wonderful sleeper! We put our LO down around 7pm, he snuggles with his blanket, falls asleep and we don't hear from him until the morning. In the last couple of weeks we go through our normal bedtime routine and as soon as we turn around to walk out of the room he starts screaming and reaching for us. Also, during the day he constantly wants to be held and starts crying if I set him down. Do toddlers go though a phase of separation anxiety around age 1? Anyone else experiencing this?

Re: 13 month old separation anxiety?

  • I experienced 2 horrid weeks of seperation anxiety around 13 months.  For some reason she was only this way with me, not dh.

    I had to be literally right next to her while she played.  If I walked away for even just a moment to put a dirty cup in the sink she would scream, run to me and clutch onto my legs.

    I would give her a little hug and comforting then tell her it's okay and kept walking away and acted normal and calm.

    Thankfully it passed after 2 weeks but when I was in the middle of it I was sooo worried it would go on for months and months.


  • oh.....we are sooo there with you! I am hoping that this intensity passes soon.  Its nice to know that we are loved....but seriously.
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  • oh lucky you! I wish my LO started his separation anxiety at 13M, he's a skill artist at this (since he's been practicing since he was 4M).

  • I should also say that hang in there. That was the worst part not going in to comfort him. I think through lack of sleep was on we bought this item. It's called Goodnight Sleep trainer.

    This claims to be a way to train your baby to sleep through the night. But really, its a couch for the parents. It was kinda a waste of money (honestly you could just use a timer), but at the time it helped calm our nerves.


  • Thank you everyone! Your responses make me feel a lot better. Hopefully this passes sooner than later. :-) 
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