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STTN and dirty diapers

DD hasn't quite mastered STTN just yet, but it got me thinking, what do you do with LO's dirty diaper? How do you prevent diaper rash? Do you try to change it while they're sleeping in hopes that they don't wake up? Just curious...

Re: STTN and dirty diapers

  • My DS sleeps 12 hours and has no issues with not being changed for that long. I would not wake baby, personally.
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  • Our 9-wk-old is sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours a time at night, and so far, I have just been checking her diaper when she wakes up to eat.  If it's just pee, I leave it alone so I don't wake her up even more with a change.  If she has pooped, I do change it (although in the last two weeks, the amount of pooping has seriously decreased, so usually she doesn't poop at night.)  We have had no issues at all with diaper rash.  So I wouldn't even check her diaper at night unless she is waking up--you don't want to wake her on accident and derail any good sleeping habits!
  • Don't think STTN will happen this early on!  As for diapers, make sure she is changed just before bed and if she needs to be changed, then change her!  Especially with a dirty diaper.  If left on the skin, it can and WILL cause a rash!  As she gets older, her bowel habits will change a lot.  My LO just turned 6 months old and usually doesn't have a dirty diaper until the morning.  As first, though, we changed him as he needed.  Otherwise, there were too many messes to clean up (sheets, pjs, etc)!

  • E has been STTN since 4 weeks and hasn't developed a rash from sleeping in a wet diaper. She rarely poops during the night so she's just wet in the mornings.
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  • I change DD in the middle of her night feeding. if she sttn meaning from her bedtime at 9:30 to 6/7am( I don't consider 6hrs sttn) then I do not change her. She will be fine.

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  • I don't go in and try to find a poopy diaper. If he wakes, I'll change him. If not, I assume he's fine.
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  • DD sleeps 5 hours, then 4 hours after a feeding.  I DO change her diaper before she eats, since she always manages to have a smudge of poop in her butt.  Always.

    I would love to say I do it to be a good mom and keep my baby clean, but let's be honest... if she gets itchy or irritated by it and wakes up, then that's less sleep/pumping time for me. 



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  • I don't change DD in the middle of the night at all, not even at her night feeding, and have never had a diaper rash. I do use California Baby Diaper Rash Cream before I put her night diaper on her though just in case. Changing her diaper just wakes her up too much. 
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  • I just change DS when he wakes, usually around 6am.  He is fine until then.

  • I would not wake DD up to change her unless she was poopy. I figure if it bothers her she'll wake up and let me know.
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  • Put a healthy layer of desitin on and don't worry about it.  When they are big enough you can start using the nighttime diapers, which helps too.
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