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Holy Projectile Poo (possible TMI)

I never realized that little girls could projectile poop across the room! As I was changing DD's diaper this morning, she shot a load of crap straight out from one side of the room to the other. As I stood there, completely mesmerized and assessing the damage, she decided to projectile pee all over me too. It was quite a feat to behold. I'm sure DH will be sad he missed it.
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Re: Holy Projectile Poo (possible TMI)

  • I fear this so much. When she poos I make her sit in it for a few minutes to avoid an afterpoo incident.

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  • Ohhhh that is just way to funny. Better then my LO spewing pooh all over the changing table yesterday. Hey our LO's are the same age :) Maybe it's a conspiracy.
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  • image Hyfagal:

    I fear this so much. When she poos I make her sit in it for a few minutes to avoid an afterpoo incident.

    This!  There is always more after the first explosion.  

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  • Last night at 2 am, I was changing DS on my bed and he managed to projectile poo all over his diaper, sock, my comforter, and the sheets.  Aaand I just realized I forgot to throw it all in the washer today....
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  • lol I just had this happen to me.  I had runny poo and pee on both my feet (I was changing her on the floor).  That'll teach me, huh.
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  • That's hilarious! I just had that happen to me for the first time today, got some on the changing table cover, some on the changing table and a wee drop on the carpet. As I was looking in shock at what had just happened, DS started to tinkle and got some on his chest and face! Oh, the joys of motherhood... 
  • The day after I got mastitis and still had a high fever, I was changing DS on the changing table and apparently didn't realize he had squirmed enough to move the wipe I had covering him so he didn't pee all over. By the time I noticed he was peeing a few seconds after I got the new diaper out, he had peed all over, in an arc over his head, all over the floor, all over his face, poor guy. I asked Dh to come clean up the pee spot on the floor and he started reprimanding the dogs- I told him it was DS and he just laughed.

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  • The same exact thing happened to me yesterday at about 3am.  I was about to put Butt Paste on DS in the low light so I was a little closer to him than normal to see his rash.  I moved a split second before he pooped (where my face would have been) across the room . . . 4 feet.  Granted he had good trajectory because I was lifting his legs at the time.  While I was taking shelter next to him and staring in awe at what he had just done, I realized my shirt was sopping wet because he had just finished peeing on me.  Thank God I could see the humor in it or I would have started crying!
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  • I have had this happen twice...once I was in total shock it shot clear across the room in a stream like those toy super-soaker guns! Of course it was followed by a good stream of pee that covered his face. Then second time I thought I had learned my lesson. He starts to cry usually when he done doing his business. So he was crying I laid him on the changing table went to wipe and caught a handful of Sh*t! I was was in shock that my hand was all the sudden filling with hot poo! I had nothing to wipe my hand on and I didnt know how to finish, so grabbed a diaper for myself and tried to wiped my hand off while holding his legs still so he didnt make a bigger mess...he then pissed all over me and himself.

    Good thing I stocked up on baby Oxy clean! It has saved all our changing pad covers!

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