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I just want to explode his entire head!

I know I miss probably about the same as if I was still with the father but he wouldn't wait until after he posts it on Facebook to let me know. Or he wouldn't tell me he has been doing it for weeks when I thought it was his first time. I always....ALWAYS...tell him when he does some thing new. This asswipe tells me last.

I hate having the father semi active in my sons life. Its not fair he gets all the easy stuff.

 Whine over. 


P.S. Sorry. My ex just posts major news about or son all over his FB before even considering telling the mother.   

BrittAny Nicole
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Re: I just want to explode his entire head!

  • LOL, I'm glad you added the PS because I read it like four times and couldn't understand why I didn't follow it...Thought I needed more coffee for a moment...

    And yeah, I'd be upset too. :( 




    Tons of :y for my girl PappsMcgee (It's a GIRL!)!

    Love, love, love for hhb, mdluv, & 3T!


  • Ditto Starbuck, I was like "whaaaaa" and then saw the last part. 
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    PM me for the new blog address!
  • I'm still confused.  Confused  Can someone translate please? 

  • Methinks the child started walking and he posted it or posted video on FB making it seem like he was the one working on this milestone with the child for the last month and didn't even bother to call and say babychild is walking...our child is growning and have a little separate family hallmark moment. 

    Kinda like athat commerical that was out a few years ago w/ the happy family driving home from a camping trip together and then Mom drops dad off at his new single dad apt. And he says see you friday champ, and then hangdog expression to mom say thanks for this.


    Sorry OP,  you share a child and you share the milestones...sometimes you won't be there for them.  Its tough but life isn't a hallmark commerical.

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  • i mean, this is one of the things that happens in a dissolution.  you had to know this would happen or he would intentionally blow it up to make you feel bad.


    you could do a couple things:

    1) ignore it and thats really the classy thing.  drink wine with your girlfriends and moan about it for a little bit then get over it

    2) fester about this for years and be totally bitter and unhappy.and no wine ever again ever.  and there are zombies.  


    so really, the choice is easy, IMO.   

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