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Team Green...or not??

When DH and I got pregnant with our DD, we said that if she was a girl, we would let it be a surprise at the birth with our 3rd (because at that point, we would already have one of each).

So...now we have DS and DD and #3 on the way...and DH says he doesn't know if he wants to wait.  I know what he means, we are excited and a part of me wants to find out when possible!  But another part of me is thinking that this may be our only chance to have that kind of surprise at birth...and we DO already have anything we would need for a boy or a girl!

DH and I have always felt like it was a surprise either way, you just find out sooner if you find out during an ultrasound.  But I've read things about people who have done it both ways and they say it's a great experience.  Any thoughts?

Also, for those who are Team Green, how did you ultimately decide this and what did you do if DH did want to know?  (BTW, I think DH would give it away if he knew and I didn't).

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Re: Team Green...or not??

  • i feel like i'm reading my own post! lol!

    we had a girl first, 15 months later a boy, and now we aren't for sure of what we are having. we talked while pregnant with the other two and said if we get one of each we will wait till delivery to find out from there on out. now we are in the situation and my hubby automatically assumed we are going to find out (here in a couple weeks). I was shocked! so now he wants to know and I want... or wanted.. to wait until delivery. but i am so dag on anxious that i think I would to find out too. UGH.

  • I'm not team green but if we were in your situation I would definitely want to be team green.  I know its tough but I say stick to your guns and let it be a surprise, I don't think you will regret it.
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  • I have said this too.  This is our 2nd and we just found out we are having a boy so we will have one of each as well.  However, after seeing my reaction to Friday's news....I am so glad that I found out at 20 weeks.  I really thought I was having a girl and it took me a couple of days to wrap my head around having a boy. I was still calling him "she" for a few days.
  • I would be Team Green if I were you!!! You are lucky... you get to experience both then. You found out for your others and now you could get the surprise at birth! I think it would be a fun surprise.
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  • We found out, and I wish we hadn't.

    IMO if you find out you  may regret it.  But I don't think you'll regret waiting.  The story ends the same.

    Good luck!

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  • This is my 4th child and my FI's first. So I am Team Green, and he is not! (we couldn't agree)

    It's working out fine for us! 

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  • I would definitely be Team Green for this one... We didn't know with DS and it was fantastic and SO much fun.
    Dh desperately wanted to know with DS and I didn't... So we made a compromise. Team Green with #1, and because it was my decision he could decide with #2. he is leaning more towards finding out but I again do not want to know... It was so incredible last time I want that again.. But if he decides yes we will then I will get to experience both.. But I feel like I will be disappointed after we find out (thrilled at first for whatever it is, then disappointed we know already) but.. A promise is a promise. GL!

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  • Definitely go team green. I want to but its my first and dont got anything for baby. It will be way more exciting finding out till you have the baby so i say wait. I wanted to wait and just let my mother in law see but my husband said no cause she would be teasing us the whole time that she knows and we dont. And she would go crazy and buy a bunch of stuff. lol 
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