2nd Trimester

If you exercise...

What are you doing? I do zumba once a week but I am bored of the elliptical....
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Re: If you exercise...

  • I walk 3-4 miles 3 times per week and I do a prenatal DVD 2-3 times per week. I have Denise Austin Fit and Firm Pregnancy (nice workout, kind of easy but good for tired days and later on), Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout (great strength training video) and Erin O'Brien's Prenatal Fitness Fix (my hands down favorite).

    Hope this helps! 

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  • Still running, I just got some prenatal yoga DVDs I'm gonna try soon.  Took the dog for a 3 mile walk today cuz I felt lazy, but when I was done it felt good to get outside :)
  • I'm a fitness instructor so I teach spin, bodypump and a sculpting class (1x a week each).  I used to run 3x/week but as of last week I just can NOT control my heart rate so I'm going to have to pick up another activity... I'm thinking more spin. It's an all weather activity (since its indoors) and it's super easy to take a break mid-class if you can't handle it anymore.  Just turn down resistance or slow down until you're ready to kick it up again!  On the days that I can't squeeze in a workout my mood swings take over!
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  • Everything I did before: weights, dances, running, cycling, pilates, yoga aqua. I like to mix it up!
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  • I have been spinning a minimum of three times a week. I have also just started to do lunges, and squats, and light free weights. I am getting sick of spinning though, and really looking forward to weather warming up. We live at the beach and plan to do a lot of power walking on the beach, light jogging, etc. Can't wait to get outside and change it up! Oh and I also bought a prenatal dvd, but only did it once. it was great so I hope to get back into it soon! GL!
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  • I walk when it is nice out and sometimes do yoga as well.
  • zumba, elliptical, treadmill, light weight training and prenatal pilates here at home.
  • I do prenatal yoga once a week and I LOVE it!  I wasn't into stuff like that before I got pregnant, but its awesome being in a room with a bunch of other soon-to-be-mommies.  A definite bonding experience and you leave feeling very relaxed!
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  • Ok good tips... I should maybe get a dvd. I just NEVER seem to actually work out at home.
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  • I am doing my (mostly) regular classes that my gym offers. M/W I do step areobics for 30 minutes and then do elliptical/treadmill for the next half hour. That is when the class normally switches to bootcamp which I haven't attempted pregnant. On Fridays I do a core class for 30 mins and then the next 30 rotates between spinning, kickboxing and hi/lo areobics. It is the same instructor fot all the classes and she is really good about helping me modify as needed. If you aren't into the arobics-type stuff, spinning is a good option. It's simple to make sure you stay at your own, preg-appropriate pace. 




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  • Same as before pregnancy - I run daily, do abs and weights a few times a week.
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  • Spin (class and individual workouts), walk/run, and lift light weights.  DH and I are also walking most nights now that it's light later and warmer.
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  • I like to mix it up. I do Zumba, cardio box, use the treadmill, lift weights, use the elliptical, take walks, and ride my bike.
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