2nd Trimester

Poll: Gender, were you right?

Just wondering who was right with their motherly intuitions. [Poll]
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Re: Poll: Gender, were you right?

  • I should have listened to the Chinese Calendar... for me it was right! I thought it was too good to be true and no way I'd get what I was hoping for the first go 'round. Stick out tongue
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  • I was 50/50. I was wrong with my DS, right with my DD.
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  • I thought #1 might be a boy & was wrong.  I was really sure #2 was a boy and was wrong.
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  • My mom shouted out "It's a boy!!" When the doctor asked her what she thought I was. 


    Obviously she was wrong >:|


    I was right with my daughter, but I have no idea with this one... I want another girl, but I think it's a boy. 

  • With daughter (#1) I always wanted a boy first, so that he could protect the girl when she comes... but I just knew a couple months into the pregnancy it was a girl and i was right on the head!

    with my son (#2) I had the same feeling. It just had to be a boy. and again, i was right

    this time around, I am feeling like it's a girl. ... we will find out mid april :D

  • I have been right with all three of my pregnancies. I just get very, very strong feelings.
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  • When TTC and before I always wanted boys, but once I got my BFP I just knew this one was a girl and had actually changed my mind about wanting a boy. We found out yesterday that it was a girl and I could not be more excited!!


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  • I was wrong with DS, right with this one.
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