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Ultrasound - sex predicted question

I just had an ultrasound and I am measuring about 13 weeks 2 days.  They told me boy and we had a very clear shot.  I always thought that at this early the chance of them predicting right was about 80%.  Now I'm reading that it's much higher (we had a very high tech scan and the tech has done it for 20+years).  


So, I just wanted to see if any of you had early guesses and were they right or wrong? 

Re: Ultrasound - sex predicted question

  • boy/girl parts look the same at 13wks. 
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  • hocushocus
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    I've heard mixed things about gender predictions before 16 weeks. Personally I wouldn't by anything and would treat this more as  a "guess" than anything else.
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  • I had girl guess at 12 week NT Scan, and having a baby boy.
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  • I was guessed girl at 12w2d and it was confirmed at 19w2d :o)
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  • I had my first dune at 15 weeks and they said a boy and you could see it on the scan then the 2nd ultrasond at 20 weeks proved it was indeed a boy! so yes they can tell that early congrats! i am now 24 weeks and loving it!
  • at 12w6days when i had my NTU they guessed boy 85% chance and then it was confirmed at 16 weeks that indeed i was having a little boy  :)
  • It was wrong for us at 12 weeks. We were told girl, but it's a boy.
  • Personally- I had elective scans at 13 weeks with BOTH of my pregnancies and each time they said boy, I later confirmed through anatomy scans at 20 weeks that it was correct.

    I am pretty sure you will still see boy parts at your scan down the road, I think they are more likely wrong sometimes when told a girl and it ends up being a boy, but boy parts are pretty hard to miss, but be sure to post about it .lol I am not one that believes they look the same that early because mine have all been correct and so have my friends and families at that point.

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  • We were told boy and we are having a boy! 

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  • I totally think they were right but I guess we will see for sure!!  :)
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    I've heard mixed things about gender predictions before 16 weeks. Personally I wouldn't by anything and would treat this more as  a "guess" than anything else.




    There are at least three ladies on this board who were told one thing at their NT scan and the opposite at their anatomy scan. 

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  • My U/S tech guess at 13 weeks as a boy and he was correct. You could definitely see the penis in the picture as it was a profile pic and you could see the two legs and then a third appendage sticking out from nowhere.  If they try to look from the underside, I think the accuracy is extremely low but if they get a good profile shot, they can usually tell if it's a boy since most babies don't come with three legs. :)
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  • We were told boy at 13 weeks and it was correct.  They did say it was a guess though, don't go buy anything.  When we went back at 20 weeks and told them they were correct they were humble that their guess was right.
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  • I was so sure that we were having a boy, just felt it & dreamed about a baby boy all my family & friends except a few said boy.....went for my 18 week anatomy ultrasound & its a GIRL!!! we were laughing I guess you never know its a 50/50 shot either way !! we are blessed to have a little girl cant wait to meet her!
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  • yay! congrats! yes technology has really advanced in the last few years. my oldest is 6 yrs old and when i was pregnant with her they told me you couldnt learn the sex until 16 wks. now it's very visible at 12-13 wks.

    i know a lady who went in for her scheduled csection and she was under the impression she was have a boy.... she delivered 2 girls!!!! Indifferent the chances of that happening... priceless.. lol

  • Usually when they give a gender prediction that early it's not necessarily looking at the actual parts, but it's the "angle of the dangle." If you look at fetal pictures their "parts" in both boys and girls look exactly the same that early, but when looking from the side, something about the angle of how everything hangs can give a gender prediction. I can't find the article that I read about it before, but if I do I will post it. HTH


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  • My tech guessed girl at 12 weeks. Same scenario.....high tech machine 20+ years experience. We were convincd it was a girl....80% convinced we knew it was still early. When we went to our 20 week AS appointment it was a boy!
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  • I had 1st u/s around 13 weeks as well and they told us "off-the-record" we were having a girl.  At my 19 week u/s they confirmed baby is a girl.

    One thing to point out, though, is that to me, the u/s images are not crystal-clear by any means.  As our u/s technician was trying to determine gender, she told us to imagine the baby was sitting in a chair and the "camera" was on the floor pointing upwards toward the baby's crotch.  There was no visible boy parts there, so she said it is a girl.

    I'm sure they have years of expertise, so we are happily planning for a baby girl :)

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