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New to TTTC intro and question

Ive been lurking a while and DH and I have been TTC for 14 months with no luck. Ive been charting, OPKing, cervix checking, I feel like ive done it all! lol! We went to a RE last tuesday and got some "good" news. He said Im young and there is a high change I can still get PG. I am going to be scheduled for a HSG baseline test to see if im blocked and what kinda shape im in. He told me unless I really LOVE charting I didnt need to anymore. Has anyone been told that before? I was thinking it might be because I would be monitored closely, but i still feel like I should so I can SEE whats happening. Second, what should I expect from the HSG test? 

Thank you in advance ladies for any input you can give me!

Re: New to TTTC intro and question

  • Welcome! The ladies here are full of support and knowledge!

    I haven't been to the RE yet (in just over a week; trying for 18 months), but I know a lot of ladies stop charting once testing/treatments begin. Personally, I plan to continue for at least the first month to get me through the testing. I think it will be helpful to still know exactly where I am for tests such as the 7DPO progestrone check.

    I would scroll through the board a bit for different HSG experiences. Mine was rather painful. I still can hardly bare to think about it. A lot of doctors and the ladies here suggest taking something about an hour beforehand and lot of ladies have had their DHs go with them for the moral support and just because. You can google the exacts of what they do, but you should be able to see for yourself on the screen what's going on and they will tell you right then if your tubes are good. You may or may not have spotting, bleeding, and/or cramping for the rest of the day and up to a few days after.

    Good luck!

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  • Hi Eboom! I recognize you from TTGP. Sorry you have to be here but I'm glad you and your DH are taking steps forward! My RE told me something similar in regards to charting. She said if I like it to keep it up but if not, then there's no need since I'll be monitored closely. With my hsg, I had a quick recovery with only slight cramping/spotting for two days. 

    Good luck! 

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  • I'm sorry that you belong over here, but welcome and I hope that your stay is short and sweet.

    As far as charting goes, I think you can stop if you are being monitored, but you don't have to.  If you are doing treatment, you may notice a difference in your temps as the result of medications so you can't compare unmedicated cycles to medicated ones, but if it gives you piece of mind to chart, go for it.  I continued to chart on oral meds since I was only getting a couple of u/s per month on those, but once I switched to injects, I stopped temping.

    As far as the HSG goes, it is really variable. Some women report a lot of pain, some say that it was virtually painless. Either way, it's quick and you will get a lot of useful information, so it's worth it. I would recommend taking 2 or 3 ibuprofen at least 30 minutes before the test and bring a maxi pad because you might leak the dye for awhile after.

    Good luck!

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  • Welcome! I also recognize you from ttgp.  Charting is definitely not necessary once you start the monitoring with an RE, but I still do it cause I have issues letting go.  As far as the HSG goes, some women say it is miserable but I personally didn't think it was any worse than a pap.  I had no cramping despite them having to push through a blockage.  Definitely take some ibuprofin about an hour before and bring a pad.

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  • I just wanted to say welcome and I'm sorry you had to make the move over here. I was told the exact same thing by my RE about charting. My HSG was pretty uneventful, just slightly uncomfortable, but it really varies from person to person. I recommend taking some motrin before the test. Good Luck!
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  • I continue to temp/chart even though we are seeing an RE.

    My HSG was quick and pretty painless. I had some cramping for about 15 seconds when they released the dye. I took an Advil before the procedure. And I would take a liner b/c you'll have dye leak out. You don't need the huge pad they give you.

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  • Welcome. I had my HSG about a week ago. It was very painful for me, I was not prepared for it. Like the first poster, I still can't bear to think about it. However, it was very quick. I took 3 Advil 1 hour before and it did not help. Good luck.
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  • Welcome!  I actually never have charted.  My RE asked if I did and when I said no, he replied that it wouldn't be needed since I would be getting monitored so close while on Clomid.  My HSG went well.  I had no pain, maybe a little cramping later that night. Good luck@
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  • thank you ladies! i really appreciate you guys taking the time to answer my questions! This whole process is really crazy and stressful, so I hope this forum will help me connect with ladies going thru the same things! thanks again!
  • Welcome and good luck!

    My RE said to throw away the OPK's and to stop charting- but I can't... I finally got in the habit of charting, and I really want to see a shift and a +OPK!

    I haven't had the HSG yet.


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  • welcome!  i wrote about my hsg experience in my blog (link in my siggy).  i hope your stay here is short & sweet!
  • Welcome! My HSG is Tues so I don't know how it feels yet. Actually glad I read this post b/c I didn't even think about bringing a pad. Thanks ladies!

    Honestly, its like everyone else said, it really just depends on the person...I imagine a little bit of cramping will occur...and I was told to take Advil an hour before (also taking doxycycline to prevent infection).


    ETA: oh they also told me to have a semi full bladder as it will help in the ease of the procedure.

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  • Welcome to the board. Best of luck to you.

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  • Welcome.

    Yes, my RE told me that once I have confirmed that I do ovulate regularly, I don't have to chart anymore.  So, now I start temping on CD12 and then stop when I get cross hairs.

    Your RE is doing more tests than just the HSG right?  You should get CD3 blood tests, 7dpo blood tests and your husband should get a semen analysis.

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