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Diagnose my LO

All right, I'll be straight with you, LO hasn't slept through the night since she was 4 months old.  The best we get is one or two wake-ups (which I'm totally fine with, she's easy to put back down).  We did night wean about a month ago and we have had some successes, about 4 nights out of every week she has slept great from 7:30-7:15ish with one or two wakeups.  The other three nights though have been HORRID.  Up every hour and a half.

I have tracked food intake, nap schedules, activities, etc. and there is no pattern I can see.  Is this normal?  Should I just chalk it up as being 17 months old?  Or should I look for something more? 

Re: Diagnose my LO

  • I think it is in the range of normal (two of my DDs were definitely older than that before they were consistently sleeping through the night and now they're awesome sleepers).  But she could have something going on -- illnesses, teeth, light sleeper, etc.  Have you tried white noise?  We just ran a fan and that helped so much. 
  • DD is 17 months old as well, and her sleep has definitely changed this past week, 2 weeks. I think it's because she has two canines coming in. Poor thing.
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  • She does have whitenoise on at night.  Hmmm, maybe it is her teeth, I forgot about them after the molars came in... thanks ladies.  We shall see how it goes, good to know we aren't alone :)
  • many times this is because they are going through a growth spurt, needing to eat more and expend more energy. (but that would be a long spurt from 4 months to 17 months lol)  Try to write down each days activities, does she take a longer nap on those days she doesnt sleep? what different in the routine, your or hers? i bet you will find answer just looking at the paper.

    good luck

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