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I am in shock that I am writing this *Updated*

*Update* - My Beta number came back, 122!  Thank you all a million times over for the kind words, I feel so blessed!! 

I just got a BFP. 



This was our last cycle before we moved on to clomid + IUI due to low motility.  I don't know what to say right now, I am shaking.  We didn't think we had very good timing based of when FF thought I O'd.  So we stopped temping after I got CH's.  I am now thinking FF is wrong lol.

I have had mild cramping and spotting last few days and only tested because I have felt "off". 

I have so much love for this board and all the beautiful people I have met.  <3 <3 <3  Shout out to my BFPB's Kim and Slick!

TTC since 12/09 * CP 10/10 * HSG all clear * SA low motility

3/19/11 - BFP * Beta #1 (14dpo) 122 * Beta #2 (16dpo) 326


Congrats to my BFPB KimML17 Baby T is here!
Lots of love to my BFPB Mrs.Slick!

Congrats to my twinkie, Lopes! Lots of love to my friends from old school chat!



Re: I am in shock that I am writing this *Updated*

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