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Personality change/teething/wtf??

Kinda long, but please tell me if this is normal..?? Don't know if it's maybe teething or earache or WHAT.... LO has always been a very easygoing, predictable and happy baby. She started sleeping through on a regular basis from around 4 months, although when she started solids at around 6 months, she was waking up once at night for a BF. She usually has a healthy appetite and eats three meals a day (cereal, fruit & yoghurt, meat & veggies),  in between milk feeds. But for the past two weeks it?s as if she has undergone a personality change!! She is grumpy and cries a great deal of the day, and has regular hysterical outbursts, especially around bedtime. She doesn?t want to lie down in her cot, but pushes me away violently if I try to hold her. She also wakes up crying at least three to four times at night, sometimes refusing both me and DH. I?m not sure what this could be, as she doesn?t have fever and her gums don?t show any sign of teeth (swelling, excessive drooling, etc) yet, but this is very worrying and makes us feel disconnected towards her. Anyone else have this???

Re: Personality change/teething/wtf??

  • Could it be something she's eating? Maybe something is upsetting her stomach. 
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  • This has been going on for over 2 weeks now and she has a varied, balanced diet (which has not changed much in the last month or so), so I doubt that it's something she's eating. DH insists that we take her to the doc, he thinks it's earache. Apparently ear infections aren't always accompanied by a fewer... I really don't know anymore!!
  • Yes, yes and yes. DS started doing this about 3 weeks ago. It makes us feel really bad when he pushes away from us and doesn't want to be held but doesn't really want anything else either. I have tried giving him space with toys on the floor, playing with him on the floor, distracting him with songs and silly faces and pretty much anything else that I can think of. His first tooth did come through last Thursday though so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. He seems to get so frustrated with us and I can not figure out what to do. It makes me feel like I'm a failure. Sorry this got long and I'm not much help but it is good to know that we are not alone.
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  • i am crying right now cuz i cant understand whats going on with my baby.  he use to be ok with food  even when teeth are showing... now suddenly hes cranky when im feeding him...


    i need help too. im alone and i feel so lonely in this predicament.. im lost too

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