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40w 5d - a vent...

I'm now 5 days past my due date with a failed induction under my belt.  I'm miserable... to say the least.  My Dr. is now out of the country on vacation- so I'm seeing another one from his practice today (his identical twin, which helps since they look exactly alike) to find out what the plan is going to be.  But my Dr. will not be delivering me next week which sucks (the practice won't let you get to 42 weeks, so next week is the latest I'll deliver - even if it means a c-sec) 

This is just both physically and emotionally exhausting!  I've been in tears multiple time each day.  But then I have high points too - where I have a positive attitude - I feel like I've developed bipolar disorder or something!  

and I have friends and family members calling, texting, FB messaging me constantly "any baby news yet!?" etc... and it's really nice that they care, and I'm thankful for that, but it's driving me nuts! 

I just hope the end is near because I seriously can't take this anymore!  I don't even feel excited - which is truly sad, but I'm just EXHAUSTED, and so OVER this! 

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Re: 40w 5d - a vent...

  • ((((hugs)))) I can't really help more than that. I hope the moon gets the baby out for you this weekend.
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  • I can relate - don't fret! I was 40 weeks & 5 days with my other two boys, and this one (the THIRD PREGNANCY) is following suit as well. My OB told me since I am more than effaced , the baby can come anytime now, (there supposedly is one tiny little piece of adhesive tissue from healing the past two times that is preventing my cervix from dilating). Last night I slept 4 hrs - in two hour stints a piece. I hear you about family & friends. I think mine have given up, which is okay with me.  My first pregnancy that's all I hears & especially when I went to work it was annoying .

    Here's to the moon & neap tides!  I hope you have a delivery soon!!!

  • All I can say is I would give ANYTHING to trade places with you right now.  I'm so sorry you are uncomfortable but let me tell ya, I've been coughing for 12 days straight to no avail!  I'm on my third antibiotic, still working full time, and my original due date is this Weds.  I teach 80 6th graders a day while non stop coughing, can't breathe out of my nose, have bloody noses all day etc.  I would give anything to just be at home, healthy even though I'd be really preggers just waiting....  I could stay home now but I don't want to waste my sick days :(  My doc did move my due date to Apr 4th but she said this past tues that she thinks I'll go early bc DS's head is really low.   I'm just hoping at this point to feel better so when I meet my son for the first time, I 'm not hacking up my lungs and can be healthy enough to enjoy him.


    Good luck with everything and try to stay positive, you'll be getting the best gift ever really soon regardless! 

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