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Been out with baby yet?

Has anyone braved the world with baby yet?

I took my 9 week old DS to the grocery store this week... only to find myself going crazy afterwards!

He started out good, but mid-way through my shopping he started crying non-stop, I tried to feed him, but he only took so much before crying again I had to cut my trip short... 

I don't think I'm ready for the outside world with baby yet.... 

Re: Been out with baby yet?

  • We didn't really keep DD in. Our apartment is ridiculously hot in the winter because we have central heating and can't control the thermostat and live on the top floor. The first week, DD would flip out and cry from 5pm to 12am on the days we didn't take her our. When we did (LC, ped), she was totally fine at night. So from 1.5 weeks until 5 weeks I would take her out every day even if it was just for a little walk. Now I know how to calm her down more and how to prevent her from getting so worked up so we can stay in some days.

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  • I take my 2 out just about everyday. It just takes practice. Try to plan your trips around the times you know LO will need to eat. I usually will leave after a feeding so I know that she will be content while we're out.
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  • image KC_13:
    I take my 2 out just about everyday. It just takes practice. Try to plan your trips around the times you know LO will need to eat. I usually will leave after a feeding so I know that she will be content while we're out.
    Yep.  Mine also has a pattern, where she's more alert and wants to play at specific times.  She'll also nap through just about anything, so I let her go to sleep, then run errands for an hour or two.

    I've also found that when she's familiar & comfortable with what I'm using to tote her around she's a lot more calm the whole time... I use a Moby almost exclusively, and I try to put her in it a little bit now & then while we're home.  You can do the same with a car seat, his stroller, etc.  The clip-on pacifier thing (so it doesn't fall on the floor) is also a lifesaver.

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  • We go places all the time...

    The weather is warmer so she really enjoys taking walks to Dunkin Donuts!

    She doesn't like being still, so shopping has to be done in small doses where we can keep on moving..no browsing for her..I think DH had a "talk" with her about shopping...Grandma and I will fix that in no time!

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  • We've been taking DS out since he was about 2 weeks old. It does take some practice to get the hang of it... I have to say I'm pretty proud to have mastered the paci-reach-around: one-handed driving with the other holding the paci in DS's mouth (In the back seat). It may sound mean, but he falls asleep pretty quickly. (I only do that when he's screaming, BTW)

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  • H's parents were here last weekend and all they wanted to do was go out. We ate out at least 5 times and toured just about all of Savannah. Today we took her to the Georgia Aquarium. She does really well out of the house. I've learned to tell when she's overwhelmed by new surroundings and I'll carry her for a few mins while she gets her bearrings, then she's fine.
  • I take E out with me all the time!  The first few times were a little overwhelming but now we are pros.  She even went with me to get a pedicure today, was wide awake the whole time, and didn't make a peep (other than trying to talk to the guy!).

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  • I have started using our baby carrier. Otherwise if DS isnt sleeping he is crying in the grocery store or anywhere else we go. IF i put him in his carrier he is perfectly happy.
  • We went to church the first weekend DS was home and we've taken him everywhere possible since. lol  He's taking his first trip to the zoo tomorrow when we go to visit IL's
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  • Wow, I'd go nuts if I waited until now to take DD out!!  We started going places at around 2 weeks.  I couldn't stay in the house anymore, I was starting to go nuts. Our pediatrician said it was better to expose her to the world than keep her cooped up in the house.

    I find that as long as I go out right after DD eats, I have about a 3 hour window of time when she'll sleep and I can shop/run errands/etc.  

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  • Yep. We've been taking DD out since the very beginning. We traveled 2 hours to my parents house for family Christmas when she was only 3 days old. Our older DD is also in preschool so she was out to drop off and pick her up.

     Elise has been pretty much everywhere including the zoo. :)

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  • I really didn't want to take him out prior to 8 weeks because he had not had his shots, I was a little apprehensive he would get sick. I guess I just have to get the hang of it....
  • You'll get the hang of it! I've been taking DS out since about 2.5 weeks and was late to most appointments in the beginning. I had the same thought about his shots cross my mind, but the fresh air felt good for both of us. He actually got a cold at 1 month, and it was pretty scary at first (getting used to the saline and suction... I didn't even know about saline!) but now I feel way more confident. He has definitely screamed through a badly timed grocery trip only to fall asleep in the check out line. I practically ran through the store, grabbing things while still rolling. It happens. Every outing is an adventure!
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  • We started taking him out at about 6 weeks, and I am still scared to death to do it. He is a pretty screamy kid, and he hates his car seat. He only sometimes likes the moby wrap or DH's carrier, so it's just all so unpredictable.

     I'm mostly scared that he will cry and scream, and the strangers will bore a hole through my head with their judgy stares.

  • I take my DS out everywhere and have since I was finally able to drive again at 3 weeks pp. I drove by myself with him to San Francisco when he was 8 weeks and spent the weekend there touring the city. I take the stroller and the Moby wrap with us everywhere so if he starts getting fussy, I pop him in the Moby and keep him close to me. We walked all over Chinatown in SF with him in the Moby and he was fine. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. You'll get the hang of it, don't stress too much about other people being jerks when the baby starts to fuss; as long as you aren't ignoring the baby, its all good. 
  • I was scared in the beginning, but now I just make sure baby sis fed and changed before we go anywhere and keep in mind when they will be hungry next and either bring some food with you or know you will be home when they are hungry next.

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