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Pregnant with #2 and have a silly question

I am SO SO SO excited I am pregnant again and was thinking back to my first pregnancy. I never had bad morning sickness, I just lost a lot of weight the 1st trimester because no food sounded good at all to me and my tummy hurt most of the time but never would get sick sick. I am ONLY 6 weeks pregnant and I am feeling great. I guess I am just being silly thinking, is there something wrong? Am I really pregnant because i do not feel pregnant? When did you all start to "feel" pregnant with morning sickness or whatever??

Re: Pregnant with #2 and have a silly question

  • I just started to feel the nausea set in last week and into this week so far. I havent thrown up or anything but I have felt like I have been close to it some days. Im 7 weeks today. Other then that my boobs hurt bad and im tired all the time but other then that thats all I have. Good luck to you with baby number 2!!!
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  • I didn't have any noticable morning sickness with #1, and so far I don't have any with this one either (fingers crossed.)  I hve had a few days where I was alittle queasy, but never full-blown nauseous.

    My boobs are extremely sore and painful, and have been since week 4..something I had with the first pregnancy, but really wasn't expecting it again this bad from what I read.

    I gained over 60 lbs, with my son (I know!!) and so far I have maybe gained a pound if that, s fingers crossed that it continues to be a slow and gradual process.

    Good luck with #2, I can't wait to see how our family dynamic changes :)

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  • I laughed when I read this because that is how I feel this rime around. I was so sick last pregnancy and right now I feel "non-pregnant" and am worried. Until I go to the Dr. I will feel that way and then after that if I still feel this great I will be thanking my lucky stars. All pregnancies are so different.

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  • I was super sick feeling for a loong time with DS, only puked a handful of times but all day long would feel like I was about to.  Food sounded terrible and meals were forced.

    This time around I've felt great!  I was super nervous something was wrong until I had my first U/S last week.  It wasn't until this past weekend that I started to feel sick, but so far, knock on wood, I feel fine!

    I know every pregnancy is different but part of me wonders if maybe the second time around our bodies are more adjusted to all the hormones and we don't get hit as hard.  

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  • Would all of us wishing horrific nausea on you make you feel more pregnant?
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  • I never "felt preganant" with DD. I wasn't sick, just occasionally nauseous. This one is the same way, with slightly more frequent nausea. Be grateful you feel good, I know many women who were horribly ill all through their pregnancies.
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  • McRibMcRib
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    I kinda felt the same way.. .yesterday.

    Today I feel really queasy. It will come.

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  • With DD before 6 weeks, with this one, 7 weeks.
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  • I totally jinxed myself. I was telling DH that I feel awesome and whatnot, then the following week it hit me and now I feel like crap all day long haha
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  • This is my first pregnancy, so I didn't know what to expect, so I was tired, nauseated, with really sore boobs and a wicked sense of smell, but I had just gotten over the flu, and was expecting my period, so I didn't think anything of it...until I  craved ketchup.  I hate ketchup!  Hope that helps!  Congrats on baby number 2!  Being a mother-to-be rocks!
  • Same with me.  I was sick all day long with DD and this time around, I was feeling fine until last night.  I puked this morning in the shower.  It's lovely.  All pregnancies are totally different.   Have you had an u/s yet?  That makes it pretty real!  Good luck!  :)
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  • I felt great and had no symptoms until 6w1d and then ms hit me full force. All day, all night, vomiting and nausea.

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  • I never had any morning sickness with my first, and the same thing again now with my second. Just consider yourself lucky to not be having any!!
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