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just signed up for a bradley class!

starts april 6th, runs 12 weeks, so it lines up perfectly with our due date.

only costs $350 which is good for this area. and it's a husband and wife teaching team. they sounded great on the phone.

now I just have to learn the methods, and make them work for me so i can do this whole labor thing withOUT any meds. here we go!!


anyone else from July 2011 going bradley in hopes of going med free?


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Re: just signed up for a bradley class!

  • I'm jealous too.   There are no classes offered anywhere near here.  Not with-in the 50 mile marker; I really wanted to though!  Tell us all about it.  :)
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  • I'd like to, but the times the classes are offered just don't work for me and my schedule, especially since I need to save sick time for maternity leave.  I could do private lessons, but they are extra expensive.  The couple who runs the classes here are willing to sell me the workbook/materials for $50, so I might take them up on that part, at least.
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  • Yay! Our Bradley class starts April 5th and runs 9 wks. Im So SO excited!!!


    I found this video on youtube... just thought i'd share: Bradley Home water Birth


    I plan no meds. but I'll be in a hospital with an OB 

    ETA : Our class was $420. I found another one a bit further away for $400. Its in a very wealthy area so I'm not surprised I'm paying more. My FI is sick so Im just glad we were able to get a Spring session at the closer location. 



  • I'm due July 2011 and was planning on doing Bradley but found Brio Birthing and will be going with that instead. It takes on some of the concepts of Bradley, I'm really excited, we start the beginning of May and it's an 8 week course. Super excited! I also will be going Med Free, you can do it! Good luck!
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