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Help!!! Tight clothes and Pregnancy.

I've been planning a wedding and recently found out I was pregnant. We moved the wedding day up in hopes that I will still be able to fit into my dress but I'm still worried it won't be safe. I'll be about 14 weeks on my wedding day. My dress has a tight corset like top to it. My mom said I should be ok for a few hours if I wear a girdle but somehow I don't trust that answer. This is also my second child so I'm worried that I'm going to show sooner. I just wanted to know if it was safe to wear corsets or girdles while your pregnant, even for a couple of hours. I just don't want to harm the baby over a dress. Any insight will help. Thanks!


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Re: Help!!! Tight clothes and Pregnancy.

  • Girdles are safe to wear -- it's often used in show business/Holywood when actress get pregnant during filming.  The only concerns are that you can breath properly and that you don't tighten to the point you restrict blood flow.  You'd notice the trouble breathing first, though.

    Can you alter the style of the dress to help?

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  • I woudl say you will be fine. At least with the girdle top, you can loosen the lacing so that it will fit better. If it had a zipper up top, it may be too tight.
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  • As long as you don't pull the girdle to where you want to barf, I think you're OK. The good thing about girdles is that it should boost up the girls to where they're the center of attention, and not the baby bump...
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  • Jenny McCarthy wore one when she was pg to go to an event. Her dr. told her it was ok. Its in the book Belly Laughs
  • I'm in the same situation as you, getting married in less than 3 months, and guessing I'm about 5-6 weeks right now (first appt. on Monday).

    I'm already a little snug in my dress (but I think I'm bloated). Hoping to just shed some of my extra weight around my hips (doing approved exercises) and hopefully I'll be good. I just got some undergarments to help out this weekend also.

     Good luck!!


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  • Maybe you won't need the assist into your dress. My second pregnancy took longer for me to show and was my smallest child and smallest belly. You'll just have to wait it out and congrats on the future wedding!!
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  • Thanks everyone!! I tried on my dress again today and I do have a little wiggle room. I think I'll be ok.
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  • I would just make sure that where the bottom of the corset hits isn't putting pressure on your pelvis. 

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  • I was 13 weeks on my wedding day, and my dress was corset too. I was fine and nobody could tell. As long as you can breathe you'll be fine.
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