1st Trimester

Pain in the butt!! (literally)

Hi guys, so this is possibly a weird question, but since it hasn't let up for the past week I'd like some input on if its happened to anyone else??  or if it's just my body in general!

 I'm almost 10 weeks, but I have been experiencing muscle spasms (always a nagging dull pain, sometimes unbearable if I am moving) in my right buttcheek!  I've read some people getting muscle spasms in their actual "butthole" (sorry tmi!) but not the cheek! 

Anyone else give me some insight into this or how to stop it?? It's sooo annoying!  I've tried working it out by walking on the treadmill but it just gets worse! :(


Is this a pregnancy side effect or am I alone?

Re: Pain in the butt!! (literally)

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