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3 am morning sickness

I have been very lucky so far and haven't really felt any major m/s, haven't thrown up.  The last couple nights though, when I wake up to go pee, I get back to bed and try to fall back asleep when I suddenly get that feeling that if I don't eat something IMMEDIATELY I will throw up.  I've pretty much been bolting to the kitchen, making some toast with jam, shoving it down my throat, and going back to bed happy I managed to avoid my face in the toilet.  You ladies who are suffering from major m/s, I don't know how you do it!!  I even tried having a small bowl of cereal right before bed last night but evidently that didn't hold me over all the way til morning! 
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Re: 3 am morning sickness

  • I get this too.  I keep crackers near my bed.  Usually a handful of goldfish or a few saltines will calm my stomach.
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  • Today was the first day I felt REALLY sick. I haven't thrown up yet - I think I will myself out of it. But I heard yogurt works well... I'm not sure why, but that's what I'm eating right now and I feel much better. I couldn't eat my toast and milk this morning. Everything sounds disgusting when it's time for an actual meal, so I try to snack healthily in case I do have to miss a meal from being too sick. Good luck with this! I hate being sick and really hope I don't throw up! :)
  • I had that feeling in the middle of the night. But instead of feeling like puking I felt like I was dying of starvation. I kept snacks on my nightstand. Crackers, granola bars or anything that I can just snack on quick. After that I would sleep like a baby.


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  • that happened to me last week at 1 a.m. i felt sooo sick, but luckily it went away. now im just have nausea :/
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  • I had this too, needed to eat or everything else was coming up.  I keep a granola bar and gatorade next to the bed at night.  The wrapper wakes my hubby up but I think he would prefer that over having to hold my hair back.
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