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s/o BFing while out

I was reading the post below about BFing while out at stores, restaurants etc. and I was pretty impressed with how effortless it seems for lots of ladies to NIP.  I keep my nursing cover in his diaper bag but usually bring a pumped bottle because I feel like it would be difficult to do it under the cover and I couldn't even imagine being able to walk around and nurse him. 

DS is a good BFer, but even so, I usually have to use my opposite hand to support my boob if I want to keep him latched on good, and he often pulls off repeatedly (for no apparent reason, just because he can) and I have to help him relatch (he latches quickly but I still need to assist him). He also fidgets a lot. I guess my question is, do your LOs stay latched the whole time you feed, especially if you're walking around? Can you easily hold them with one arm and they handle the rest themselves? I would like to be able to NIP but I feel like DS is a high-maintenance BFer!

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Re: s/o BFing while out

  • I could have written this EXACT post myself.

    I feel we are just way too clumsy and not smooth enough to do it in public! I'd love to be able to not have to worry about bringing a bottle or finding a hideaway spot when out and about.

  • My first DS was a lot like yours AND we were using a nipple shield for the first 6 weeks or so.  It was very difficult to nurse him anywhere.  He got much better around two months.  This little guy is a champion nurser though.  I can do it one armed and he rarely unlatches until he's done.
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  • I always take a bottle.  I'll nurse in the car but that's it. I still haven't learned how to be sneaky. 

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  • My DS was much like yours, OP.  It was a long while before I was comfortable NIP - and even then, it was mainly just seated, like in a booth while out to a restaurant. 

    DD is a much better nurser - and the reality is I'm out and about so much more that I do a lot more NIP so it's nice that she's good nurser!  I'm also better at the logistics as well now that I've already done it for so long! It does get easier as you continue nursing!

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  • I swore before I had my dd that I would nurse anywhere and everywhere and wouldn't feel shy about it at all. Oh man how that has changed!! We use a nipple shield and she takes a long time to eat so it is so hard to do it while I am even not sitting down. I feel weird doing it around any men, women I don't care but men make me feel weird for some reason. More for them feeling uncomfortable than me feeling uncomfortable.

    So yeah I don't nurse in public either. I am guessing I might be able to when she isn't using the nipple shield but I am not sure.

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  • NIP is a definte no no for me. DUe to the huge size of my breast I basically nurse LO while lying down on the bed or in a sitting position with him resting on a pillow, both of which are not very practical in public. He takes forever to nurse and pumping just ain't working for me, so when I leave the house always make sure I have my thermos of hot water, bottles and formula.I somtimes wish I didn;t have to walk with all of that but could just have milk for him whenever , wherever without having to worry about preparing it.
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  • I actually find that DS stays latched much easier/longer if I am walking around vs. sitting down.  I hold him in the cradle hold and prop his head on my left arm and he is good to go.  You could practice at home before you go out in public so you feel more confident adjusting and getting LO latched.
  • I read this and thought WTF you can nurse while walking??? I wish.

    Tomorrow we try out the NIP, done it in the car before and at someone elses' house in a corner while people had to come over and watch (ugh!).

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  • image JCragg:

    I read this and thought WTF you can nurse while walking??? I wish.

    Tomorrow we try out the NIP, done it in the car before and at someone elses' house in a corner while people had to come over and watch (ugh!).

    this. I never walk and nurse. Im just not that coordinated. If hes nursing I have to give my undivided attention which is why I find it very difficult to NIP.

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  • AmyG*AmyG*
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    when they get a bit older, like 3-4 months, you'll figure out how to do a lot more out in public with them.  practice nursing in front of a mirror and you'll realize that people really can't see much unless they stand right in front of you and look down. 

    of course, they do reach a point where they weigh too much to be able to hold them and walk around a lot, but there is no reason to sit on your butt at home nursing.  go to the park, the mall, stores and the library.  get some fresh perspective, fresh air, and leave the pumping and bottles and home, and just nurse your baby!



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  • When I first started out, I would mainly nurse in the car before going in somewhere but there are times you don't have a car with you and your child needs to eat. 

     My DD is not 4 mths and frankly, I don't give a damn about anyone else.  When she is hungry, that is my focus.  Now having said that, I don't just whip it out for the world to see, I have a nursing bra, special nursing top on and I have one of those Bebe au lait nursing covers.  I took my DD on our first vacation to the US(im in Canada) and I nursed in the mall on a bench, in the airport in the food court, on the plane sitting in a seat next to a stranger, in some restaurants, but the whole time I am covered well.  Whenever I go somewhere I always try to seek out a corner area that is away from crowds, sometimes some washrooms will have places to nurse but you do not always have this luxury.  And at the end of the day, my DD is hungry and she needs to eat.  So far, I have not had anyone come up to me or give me dirty looks, many women actually smile at me.  Some men look  and seem surprised but then they just kind of get over it.  I think the only ones I have had stare are little children.  Most though do not notice me even feeding her, as she is very well covered..  I do not feel embarrassed because I look at it as priority that she needs to eat and I need to get out and live my life.   

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