Weaning at a year?

Has anyone else already weaned their lo?  My dd Lyla will be one on May 1st, and I'm yes/no ready! :) haha... so I'd like to start thinking about how to start, what should I do?  She gets one ff/day.. sometimes more if Daddy is helping out... We are down to about 3/4 sessions per day due to solids and snacks.  Please help.  Any advice would be totally appreciated, as I'm clueless :)



Re: Weaning at a year?

  • I weaned my son at 14 months.  He was basically down to morning and bedtime nursing at that point.  I started him on cows milk in a sippy cup at 1 year. 

     At first I limited each nursing session, he would pull off and not show much interest.  As soon as he came off the breast the first time I'd end the session.  Then I cut the morning feed altogether.  Surprisingly he didn't even seem to mind!  About a week later I cut the before bed nursing and he was fine with that too.  I was more sad about it then him.  Weaning ended up being way easier then I thought it would be!  Good luck!

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  • Thanks for your advice :)  Do you use bottles at all?  Lyla seems to rely on nursing for comfort also; did you find any problems with that?  She'll come up to me upset or tired and really need to nurse... a cuddle and a binky just wont do it...

    and I love your u/s photos!! They're smiling!! :)  You must be a good mama <3

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    I'd probably change the bottle of formula to cows milk or other drink by sipper cup first.

    then you can get rid of the nursing session that you dislike the most by using distraction and offer other things (snacks, drinks, cuddles)


    no matter what you'll probably end up with one nursing session left at the end that you and maybe your baby are both sort of attached to.  you can keep that one as long as it works for both of you.  when you want to get rid of it, check out elisabeth pantley's no cry sleep solution for ideas for night or nap weaning casue that is probably the nursing sessions you'll end up with last. 


    but if you kinda want to continue nursing, then do so!



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