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*^*^* Baby Mason Update*^*^*

(Full update in blog)

We had our "big appointment" yesterday.  I cried all morning, so worried they were going to tell us there was nothing they could do for his heart.  Well.....GOD BLESSED US! 

Mason's heart is fixable! 

His hygroma is even smaller (its getting harder to see!)  

His  cord pressure is stready at 4.2

The amazing thing is his heart looks nothing like it did last time they looked at it about 8 wks ago.  Some how God did something amazing because we they looked at his heart...it looked like a completely different heart!  Dr. Evans was stunned also!  

So we are on a much better road!  Mason is doing GREAT!  We will still most likely deliver early still but it will be MUCH closer to 36wks than 30 wks!    

We cried and celebrated yesterday!  Our baby now has hope of living~  and that makes me the happiest momma EVER.   He has beat all the odd so far.   I cried just being at the appointment because we were told mason wouldnt live to even do that appointment.

So thank you ladies for your prayers....they truly are working!  Now we shall celebrate and have a wonderful weekend!

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