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Still Swaddling?

Hi everyone!  i'm wondering if anyone is still swadding their LOs, even up close to the 4 month mark?  My LO will be 4 mos 3/23 and she STILL will not sleep without her swaddler.  I was looking online and they make some for 6-9 month children, so I'm thinking that maybe it's pretty normal, but it just seems like she should be wanting to get away from this?  I'm not too worried about it yet, I just don't want her to be two years old wanting a blanket wrapped tight around her! :)  Thank you so much in advance for any info you have.  Have a great day!


Re: Still Swaddling?

  • Bug was swaddled until 6mo when he started sleeping on his belly. When he's sick/teething he still likes the tightness, so he gets bear-hug cuddles.

    Adie was swaddled for two weeks and now hates it.

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  • I would swaddle my babies in daycare until they were rolling over on their own from back to front and front to back. Then they usually napped on their bellies. I think the oldest one still be swaddled was 8 months. Honestly though, I probably would have still swaddled some of them that were rolling over just because they liked it so much, but it was the day care's policy. I don't think you can really be too old to swaddle...unless like you said you have a 2 year old that needs burrito'd up. Stick out tongue
  • I have a 4 month old and we JUST stopped swaddling. I started by swaddling him with 1 arm out and then the next nap, I'd do the other arm out. Just 1 arm at a time until he got used to it. It took about 1-2 weeks, but we worked our way up to both arms and now he doesn't need swaddled at all. When he would wake himself up, I would stand over him and carefully, but firmly, hold his arms on his chest or against the mattress as if he was swaddled until he was sleeping. (try to look away too! When I would make eye contact he would wake right up and thought it was play time!). Again, it took about a week or two, but I'm glad I did it. I was nervous because he had started rolling over and I thought that it was best that he be able to use his arms. Since we broke the swaddle-habit, I think that he has actually gotten much stronger in the neck/arms because when he rolls over to sleep on his stomach, he is using his arms and neck much more. good luck!
  • My son was 6-7 months before we stopped swaddling.  I thought for sure we' d have to swaddle him off to college, but it does seem he outgrew it ;)
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  • We swaddled DD until 6 months and I plan on doing the same with DS, so yes he is still swaddled.
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