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Weight Gain...what is "normal" at 16 weeks?

Is there a normal? I was told at my midwife appt. last week that I should gain about 30 pounds, and I was scolded for losing a pound since my last appt. They kind of told me I need to pick up the pace with the gaining, and reminded me that I am almost halfway through and haven't gained anything yet.

I am 5'5, and started out at 137 PP,  I've been hovering around 132-133 for-ever. But, I am definitely growing a prominent baby bump, at night my belly looks humongous to me. It's like the baby is taking all my excess weight everywhere else and using it for her/his own purposes.

I am eating plenty, working out moderately about 3 times per week (and walking other days). I feel healthy and the baby is actually measuring big, consistently about a week ahead.

Do you guys think this is okay? A sono tech said to me that she was 20 weeks along and had only gained 5 pounds. At the time, I thought, "Wow, that would be so nice, but she's really small". Now I'll be surprised  if I put on 5 pounds in 4 weeks (it could definitely happen, but who knows?).

Did anyone else have slow or little weight gain in previous pregnancies and do just fine? This is my first. 

Re: Weight Gain...what is "normal" at 16 weeks?

  • There is no normal, everyone is different. I had barely gained anything by 20 weeks. Probably only 2-3lbs and I didn't even have a day of morning sickness so it's not like I lost weight in the beginning either. I gained a grand total of 32lbs by the day I delivered (40w6d). If you are eating plenty then you have nothing to worry about. Weight may very well catch up with you quickly anyway!
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  • The water weight thing is so true! LOL. I looked all belly but boy did I pack on the pounds.
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  • I am about your height and starting weight and approaching week 25.      I have gained 15 lbs, which falls in "normal" charts, and I will say the past few weeks it has been packing on much quicker than in the beginning....like 2 lbs/wk vs the recommended 1.    I am sure it will all work out, but if you don't want to get reprimanded by the mid-wife, just enjoy some extra ice cream or cheese/crackers.   :)      I think you are fine (and lucky!).    
  • I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and I've only gained a pound or two. My doctor doesn't seem concerned at all. I think he is much more worried about gaining too much weight, which seems to be more of a problem these days than not gaining enough. I'm eating a lot and exercising regularly, so I trust my body to start packing on the pounds when it needs to. 
  • I wouldn't worry about it. My dr.'s rule on weight is if you feel fine you are fine.

    With this pregnancy at 20 weeks I gained 5 pounds. I haven't been overly sick or not eating or anything of the sort. It's just how it was. Dr. told me to eat some more but don't stress either because it'll catch up with me. I've now gained 3 pounds in the past 2 weeks..so it's coming for sure.

    In my first pregnancy I gained 15 pounds by like 19 weeks or something crazy. However I gained only like 6 pounds in all of the last 1/2 of second tri and 3rd tri.  Dr. told me it was fine too.

    Everyone's so different.

  • There is no normal, but this site has some guidelines.




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  • This is a great link! Thanks for posting!
  • For #1, I was also scolded for losing a pound in between early appts and it put me into tears! This time, I had gained 1-2 lbs by week 18 and then 5 weeks later at 23w, I had put on an additional 10 lbs! In a month! I was a bit shocked (tall athletic, everyone keeps saying "Where is that baby? How can you be 6 months pregnant?!?"), but the OB said that it's not uncommon to gain minimally then have a big growth spurt. I gained 20 lbs the first time and that's my target this time, I suppose.

    You're doing fine!

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  • I'm down 2lb from my PP weight, and I am 15 weeks today, and when I saw the doc yesterdays I asked him about it, and his exact words were "don't worry, keep doing what you're doing, your real weight gain should begin at 20 weeks... if you still aren't gaining anything then, we can talk".


    He made it very clear that I WILL gain weight, and he said he'd rather me lose a few pounds in the beginning than gain 10lbs in the first tri.  SO if that helps, I was worried too... I posted the same thing on the SEPT board yesterday because I was worrying!  

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  • Ive gained 6 lbs ( Im 15 weeks 2 days tickers off) But Im not too worried. Dr. thnk its fine and its about what i was at with my DD and i gained a total of 28 lbs.
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  • I barely gained anything until 18 weeks.... Then between week 18 and 20 I gained 9 pounds... It just kind of all came on. My eating habits did not change nor my work out regime. Lots of women gain weight at different rates through pregnancy you may just be off to a slow start:-) Trust your body:-) It will gain as much as it needs too. GL!

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  • Don't let anyone tell you that you need to gain more weight at this early. if you were anemic or severely underweight- i would understand. but you seem to be in a healthy weight range right now. i have lost 7 lbs this month (14 wks) and i can't help it. i am sick all the time and doing what i can. What I eat is usually the healthiest i can get it, and I work out about 3-5 days a week. I do it in a healthy way. As long as you are not "watching your weight" and doing what you can- healthy- then I wouldn't fret.
  • At my 16 week appointment, I think I was down a pound, and I think that when I go back next Wednesday, I will have gained 2 or 3 pounds since then. My doctor was not concerned, and the baby is measuring ahead, so he is not starving. I don't think there is anything wrong with not gaining any weight during the first 20 weeks.
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  • I am almost hitting 13 weeks, still early.  I have lost weight.  I had lost 10, then gained and lost, gained and lost depending on MS and appetite which for me is almost on-existant.  I weight myself this morning and I have gained 1 lb which puts me sitll at 6lbs under my PP weight.  I think as long as we are eating, there no real problem.  The baby will eat the fat out from between your toes before it starves.

    I dont exercise at all right now due to Doc orders of complete rest, but looking forward to walking or something again soon.

  • I had almost no morning sickness but a huge Carb craving in the beginning. I was somewhere around 155-160 when I got pregnant and now I'm dancing around 172 so I have put on some lbs. However, I'm not gaining anything in the last few weeks and trying to walk as often as I can. My hope is to only put on baby lbs and not too much mommy weight but the truth is, this is my first and I really don't know what to expect. I'm just doing the best I can and that's all I can do!

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  • I lost 4 lbs between my first appt. at 15 weeks and my next one at 18.5 weeks.  I am now just 1lb under what I started at with my 23 week appt. yesterday.  My doc is worried about my protein intake even though I get plenty (I just don't eat when I am not hungry).  With my mom's 3 pregnancies, the most she gained was 17 lbs and had average to large sized babies.  I think genetics have a lot to do with it.
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