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has anyone ever or is having issues bc they have had pelvic inflamitory disease. i went to my infertility doctor and have been tested for everything!!! finaly she has come to the conclusion that i probably have endomitriosis. the day i go for my procedure to get "cleaned out" to my suprise after i woke up my husband told me there is no sign of endomitriosis she said i had pelvic inflamitory disease!!! she cut away all the adhesions and told me i sheould get pregnant with in the next 3 - 6 months. She also said i did not need to be on any infertility meds. Does anyoe also have this issue?? it only has been one month after my sergury but i am really hoping for a little one soon


  • I'm not familiar with PID, but I hope you get your BFP soon! GL!
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  • good luck

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    6/2011- Gonal-F + Ganirelix + Oviderl and Crinone= BFP

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    ?Lots of love and luck to all the 3T girls?

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