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Techniques for getting to/from car with 2u2?

We live in a townhouse - but use our garage for storage.  So we park on the street.  People LOVE to use our street to race down to avoid traffic lights, so I always have a death grip on DD when she walks, or I carry her.  I think one of my top 10 things I am stressing out over is how in the world am I going to get both girls from my front door, to the car, into the car, etc.  I will have a ~20 months old when DD2 is a newborn. 

Care to share any techniques you have to get you from point A to B?

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Re: Techniques for getting to/from car with 2u2?

  • I always have them strapped down in parking lots...whether in the stroller, shopping cart, infant carseat or carrier. I NEVER trust DS to stay with me. So I'd either strap them in a double to walk them, or wear the baby while holding on to the toddler. We also have used a backpack "aka kid leash" to keep DS close before - this way he has a little room to breathe and I'm not yanking on his arm.

    If it turns out to be a big deal...I honestly would rent a storage unit for your stuff in storage or have a garage sale!

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    We have a garage, but when our car was in the driveway or we were coming/going to the car from a store or something, I carried the baby in the car seat (or pushed them in the snap n go) while either carrying #1 or walking with him and holding his hand.  Hand holding while near cars is a non-negotiable in our house so we've never had issues with #1 cooperating with us on this.  I would go to the side of the car with #1s seat and set the baby down right by my feet (usually I straddled the car seat so it truly was right underneath me) while I lifted and buckled #1 in his seat, then went around the car and snapped #2 in.  Once #1 got bigger, I either let him crawl through to his seat from #2's side, or he would stand between me and the car door (again, I pretty much had him straddled or blocked so he couldn't get away while I got #2 buckled in).
  • It is NOT easy!  My DD1 has a rule that whenever she's in the parking lot, road, etc. she has to be holding onto me (my hand, or even just my pocket or purse) or the stroller. 

    I'm with the PP - I think it would be worthwhile for you to rent a storage unit so you can use your garage, if at all possible!  Will make your life much easier.

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  • thanks for your responses.  Would you believe we DID rent a storage unit??  We just accumulated MORE baby stuff (crib, double bob, etc, and still need to get some stuff out of garage but our storage unit is too full, lol) - so we are not sure if we can get it to fit in our storage unit.
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  • i do this everyday when picking up DD#1 from daycare. I carry DD#2 in the infant carseat and either DD#1 holds my hand or I have to carry both of them. I always load my toddler into the car 1st b/c I know the baby is going anywhere.

     GL! It can be a hassel. Pretty soon the car seat will be too heavy and i'll either wear #2 or pull out the double stroller 

  • At home, I bring DS to the car first and lock him in (oldest). Then I run back in the house for the infant carrier.

    If I'm at a store without someone else to carry one, I usually have DD in the bjorn and DS in my arms, since he's far too young to walk through parking lots. I put DS in the car, put DD back in her carseat, then go around again to buckle DS in.

    In the future, I will get one of those backpack/leash things so I can hold onto him.

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  • We live in a townhouse also and our unit is the last one on the end, which is a bit of a walk from the parking lot. 

    I would carry DD in the infant seat and carry DS. He would always take off if I let him walk so carrying him was the best option. Once we got to the car, I would set the infant seat down next to me and strap DS in his seat, then put the infant seat in.

    Now that DD is out of the infant seat, I strap her in first since she can't stand and wait for me. I literally sort of sandwich DS between me and the car door while I put her in. He is pretty good about staying right next to me and he knows he he has to be touching the car at all times. It's tricky sometimes but you will find something that works! 


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  • A is in her carrier in one hand, hold D in other hand, and P has to hold onto something - my belt loop/A's carrier/D's foot, etc.

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