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Who here is terrified of delivery?

I've tried to calm my mind by telling myself it's a natural thing. But, it's definitely scary!!!!
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Re: Who here is terrified of delivery?

  • I have already done it twice, it really is not as bad as you would think.  And I had a bad first delivery doctor, an incorrectly postioned baby, and a big baby.  Told I could not naturally have over a 7 lb baby. First child was born naturally and was 8 lbs 11 oz.  Not bad for a 5'5" 125 lb (with 30 lb of baby weight gain) woman.

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  • I am getting more scared the closer I get.  I worry about preterm labor, then of course there are all the wonderful stories you hear about crazy deliveries.  The fact that my little man is looking to be about a 9 or 10 lb boy freaks me out even more

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  • I think it's natural to be scared of the unknown.  But most women get through it with out major or life-threatening complications.

    I just try to tell myself that if childbirth was that bad, every person would stop at one baby!  Once you have your baby in your arms all the pain and battle you went through to get them here will be worth it.

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  • I am definitely terrified of delivery! I'm trying to keep a positive attitude about it though.
  • Yep, I'm pretty nervous.  Sometimes it just hits me... there's a baby in there, and she's actually going to come out at some point! 

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  • I know that you are scared. With my first I was terrified and didn't want to have my DD come out. Your body knows what to do naturally. When you go into labor you are not thinking you are just acting on what feels right. My body amazed me when I had DD#1. I have very low pain levels and so I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to handle the pain at all but everything worked out great and I have no scary experience to tell you. You just kind of go with it and when it is time to do something your doctor and or body will let you know. Promise it is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. If it was I wouldn't be having another baby.
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  • It's interesting because I was very anxious last time because it was unknown.  It ended up being just fine.  This time, I'm actually anxious because it might be completely different and therefore still unknown!  I think it's natural to be nervous - I talk to DH and it usually helps.
  • Delivery sucks, but a slose friend asked me how bad it was about 8 hours after I gave birth to my first and my reply was "I'd do it again tomorrow"

    I has a very long delivery, witha  spotty epidural, cuminating in an 8 lb 9oz porker being extracted vis forcepts

  • Oh yeah. I'm so scared of delivering him. I have no idea what it will be like and though I try to remain positive and think that this is all worth it, I'm still terrified.
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    Yep, I'm pretty nervous.  Sometimes it just hits me... there's a baby in there, and she's actually going to come out at some point! 


    Yes!! I get totally freaked out when I think about it. This and "what will I do with baby the first night/day that it is home???" are my top two holy crap! thoughts!! Yikes Tongue Tied

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  • I was nervous and terrified the first time, and there are so many unknowns and things no one told me (like the epidural can give you the shakes so bad you can't stop your teeth from chattering).  This time I am nervous because I might try med free birth, and also I am nervous about how DS will feel.  One thing I know is that your body knows what to do, and your OB will help you.  Whenever I tell DH how scared I am, he just reminds me it is something I might only do 2 or 3 times in my life and to enjoy it.  It's empowering and amazing, and while scary it is totally worth it :)
  • I'm definitely scared!! I just keep telling my self that women have always went through child birth and are perfectly fine...it does hit me sometimes...oh my gosh he has to come out at some point!!haha I think we will all be fine!
  • i am pg with #2 but with the first one, i wasn't scared until i was actually in labor at the hospital....the one thing that kept me from totally freaking out is that i kept telling myself, people do this everyday minute of the day.  Plus you will have GREAT nurses talking you through every step....it wasn't as scary as i had imagined but totally normal to be a bit scared!!  just a tip that helped me.


  • I don't think the fear of delivery has set in for me yet. However, I am absolutely TERRIFIED of having a c-section. Of course I am planning on having a vaginal birth (is that what it is called?), but you never know what could happen. My biggest fear right now is a c-section because I am so afraid of being cut open (especially while I am awake).
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  • About a week after delivering my first, someone asked how my delivery went. I said I would give birth every day for an entire month straight rather than suffer the pain I went through with breastfeeding. And I meant it. Seriously. Labor was actually quite fine (for me). Nursing? Not so much.
  • I have my moments of "what if!" freakouts.  I'm trying to stay calm, but i'm really terrified!
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  • With my first I was definitely anxious.  I wasn't terrified because our Bradley classes really took some of the fear out of it for me. But there was still an anxiety about something going wrong and also a general anxiety about the unknown.  But I ended up loving child birth.  Pregnancy isn't my favorite thing.  But I really enjoyed giving birth to DS - even through all the pain, I have nothing but amazing memories of birthing DS and am looking forward to doing it again.
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  • I am pretty scared myself! I dont think it helps that I watch "one born every minute". I am scared of the pain and not knowing what will happen...I think that it is normal to feel like this and it does help me to think that women have been giving birth for years.

  • I certainly am. I never went into active labor with my DS and then had a c-section. Although I'm scared of the labor process I'd much rather be scared then have another c-section.
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    About a week after delivering my first, someone asked how my delivery went. I said I would give birth every day for an entire month straight rather than suffer the pain I went through with breastfeeding. And I meant it. Seriously. Labor was actually quite fine (for me). Nursing? Not so much.


    I have heard similar breast feeding horror stories before. My sister just refused to nurse her second because of the pain. Hopefully it becomes more tolerable.

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  • On board w/the being scared. I'm totally terrified. I keep saying "My mama did it three times - I'm only doing it once" but still. Scary!! I have to stop thinking about it but yes, scary! I try to find comfort in knowing lots of people do it everyday but I'm pretty silly and selfish and think "Yeah ok but that's not me! My pain is different":)  I know..crazy. 
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  • I was terrified through most of my first trimester, but, as I moved into my second and I actually started putting more research into childbirth and what happens during delivery I actually started getting more and more excited for it. Now, I can't wait to go into labor! Yes, I know it's going to be agonizingly painful, but it's also the most rewarding and empowering experience a woman can go through. Check out the natural birth board on here, even if you plan to go the medicated route. Most of those women have already had a kid or two, and they can help put a lot of your fears to rest. What really made all the difference for me was learning what my body is capable of doing and learning to trust it to do what it was designed for. Now, I feel like I could walk out into the middle of the woods, squat down, and push this baby out on my own!
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  • I am really starting to freak out!  My mom keeps telling me, like PP, if woman remembered how bad it was that they would stop at one.  She just keeps saying you forget it all when the baby is put into your arms.  I say, great when I do forget, but watching One Born Every Minute is starting to scare the S**T out of me.....Yikes!
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  • Here's something to look forward to. By the time you get to full-term, you will be so uncomfortable you will want that baby OUT. You won't even think about being scared any more. Wink
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  • I'm hoping the moms who have done it and said it's ok are reassuring to the first time moms on here. I'm another one who was TERRIFIED of giving birth and I ended up having a wonderful natural birth with my DD.  Yep, it hurt and it was hard but it's AMAZING!  The pain is not constant.  It doesn't last forevera nd you get the most wondeful gift at the end.  You should be far more scared of the first 12 weeks ; )  Now THAT was hard.
  • I'm actually not scared at all. Before I got pregnant I was absolutely terrified! But now I just cant wait to meet this little girl! I am SO excited! Am I crazy? Lol.
  • I'm not, anymore. Having had a beautiful med-free delivery with DS at 39w, my biggest concern is just how different this delivery may be! That said, I'm no longer scared of delivery.
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  • I'm not scared of delivering naturally, I'm scared of the recovery from a c-section (which I'll do everything I can to avoid.)

    My mom has been really reassuring, she had VERY easy births with my sister and I...for my sister she didn't even believe she was in labor even though her water had broken and for me she was induced because she lived so far from the hospital.  She was induced at 7am and I was born at 8:33am.  She said it was bad after because she started contracting bad from the pitocin AFTER I was born.

    My best friend had two great natural deliveries too, so between them:  I'm confident it wont be that bad and I'm going to keep that positiveness going.  I stop people who want to share awful stories etc...no need to freak myself out.

    I have however read up on all delivery methods so I feel prepared, just in case. 

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