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had anyone ever or is having issues bc they have had pelvic inflamitory disease. i went to my infertility doctor and have been tested for everything!!! finaly she has come to the conclusion that i probably have endomitriosis. the day i go for my procedure to get "cleaned out" to my suprise after i woke up my husband told me there is no sign of endomitriosis she said i had pelvic inflamitory disease!!! she cut away all the adhesions and told me i sheould get pregnant with in the next 3 - 6 months. She also said i did not need to be on any infertility meds. Does anyoe also have this issue?? it only has been one month after my sergury but i am really hoping for a little one soon.

Re: PID help

  • I don't have any experience with this but it might help you to start charting your temps so you can identify when you ovulate.  That will help you time sex as close to ovulation as possible.  Most of us chart using  Click on my ticker to check it out.  

    You might also try posting your question on the trouble trying to conceive board. There might be some ladies there going though the same things you are.  Good luck!

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