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in laws!

So my baby girl just turned 3mo. a couple of days ago. She got sick because my husbands little four year old sister had a cold and would not stop kissing and  coughing at my daughter. Today while I was eating an orange my mil says oh yea I gave your daughter acouple of drops of aqn orange since shes sick and all she needs vitamin c. And i'm thinking like really?! then the other day my fil grabs a banana scraps it off (with his spoon) and gives some to my daughter!! they say they did it to their kids but i'm like ok if you want to ef up your kids thats fine but don't mess with mine. They always want to give her some of what we're eating since it seems like  she wants some. I'm just trying to raise a healthy daughter and do things right but seriously these people don't let me.
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