Eczema- any suggestions?

My baby girl has eczema on her arms and legs. Does anyone have any recommendations for treatment? I switched her soap to California Baby-super sensitive, I'm using Cetafil Lotion, and dreft detergent. Thanks for your help!


Re: Eczema- any suggestions?

  • DS1 has it bad on his feet.  I had to get a steroid cream from the pedi, took about 1-2w to clear up.
  • I've had it since I was a kid and use a combination of things.  Steriod cream is hit or miss as to whether it will do anything.  Oatmeal baths help.  They may be a little small, but if it fill a sock with oatmeal and drop it in the bath with them you get the benefits of oatmeal without the mess.

    If your really adventurous, my mom often broke out the herbal remedies.  I couldn't tell you how to make it, but a poultice of slippery elm and witch hazel cleared me up every time.

  • Stop using Dreft -- switch to a brand that is free of dye and scents.

    We can't bathe ours daily or it dries out the skin.  We also use Eucerin lotion in the jar, not the regular stuff.  It's much thicker and makes a world of difference!

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  • i use vanicream on my kids and it really helped clear up their dry scaly patches, my daughter also had a bit if eczema and it cleared that up as well.
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  • My DD has it too. I use Tide sensitive clear of perfumes and dyes. I bathe her with Johnson's and Johnson's baby soap every 3 days and use Aveeno baby lotion (the 24 hour moisturizer one) twice a day. We apply it when we get her dressed in the morning and when we change her into pajamas at night. Once we got into the habit of moisturizing her skin twice daily, it cleared it up and hasn't returned.
  • I also agree to pp - don't use Dreft. Use a free and clear detergent and I use CB calendula cream on my little girl who has eczema. It helps a lot! 
  • My pedi recommended that we try bleach in DS bath.  He gets ezcema badly and it is hard to clear up even with a Rx med.  We use it every 3-4 days or so and it is the only thing that keeps it maneageable.  We use about 1/4-1/2 of a cup per bath. 
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  • Our kids all have extremely dry skin, our pedi told us after their baths to just blot them dry a little bit with a towel and then use vaseline, it works wonders. Also, I wouldn't recommend dreft, we use All Free & Clear and bathe every other day. Running a humidifier in their rooms helps a little bit as well.
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  • jendbjendb
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    I would get rid of the dreft first, and change to a free and clear detergent, and we used Aveno Eczema lotion and body wash.  It was gone with in a week!  Good luck!
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  • For mine- cool but not cold baths (hot makes for drier skin). Bathing every other or every third day. Cetaphil liquid soap and lotion- it's amazingly gentle. I can't use Tide- even the free and clear stuff. Something about their formulation. I use All free and clear- excellent stuff. No scented anything that goes on the skin until the eczema has cleared up and it can be individually tested.

    And if the spots are coming back repeatedly in the same places, it wouldn't hurt to look at what touches them in case it's a topical allergen that's triggering it. I have a lovely raw leather purse that was finished with some unknown conditioner- it gives me a flare up on my shoulder and palms (unusual spots for me) every time. Took me forever to figure it out because I'm not allergic to leather- just the conditioner on this specific leather... and I wore it in the winter with a coat that usually kept it from contacting the skin- so it wasn't consistent with wearing the purse- only with wearing the purse on warm days. Stuff like that.

    (Sorry for wandering though- I love the multiples board for ideas on how to handle my triplet nephews when I babysit them. I just happened to have a lot of eczema experience)

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  • Lots of great suggestions!  Just wanted to add Halo Technical Comfort clothing to the list.  My LO sleeps in it every night, and I just love it.  Here's some info from the website:
    • Made with CoolMax? fabric, wicks moisture to keep skin dry. Great for sensitive skin conditions.
    • The National Eczema Association (NEA) has awarded the Seal of Acceptance to HALO? Technical Comfort System?.  The NEA Seal of Acceptance is awarded to products intended for children and adults with eczema or sensitive skin.
    • Soft, silky feel is friction free and helps reduce irritation and itching
    • Fast drying.  Helps regulate body temperature for greater comfort
    • Helps prevent skin rashes by wicking moisture from delicate skin
    • Smooth seams prevent irritation at pressure points
    • SPF 30
    • Parents of children with sensitive skin conditions report marked improvements with regular wear
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  • We've been using the aveeno baby eczema lotion on our DD and it works great. I use it 2-3 times a day.
  • Theraplex Emollient - it's non-prescription but you need to order it at a pharmacy.

    My daughter had pretty bad  eczema as an infant and this thing was a godsend.  Steroids may work but it's only temporary and the eczema always comes back.  Nothing non prescription worked.

    We still use it argumentatively as moisturizer.

  • Theraplex Emollient - it's non-prescription but you need to order it at a pharmacy.

    My daughter had pretty bad  eczema as an infant and this thing was a godsend.  Steroids may work but it's only temporary and the eczema always comes back.  Nothing non prescription worked.

  • my pedi suggest just using water in the bath, and washing hair last so they are not sitting in soapy water for very long.  I do baths only every few days in the winter.  

    for eczema spots, I mix aquaphor with a little hydrocortisone cream and it clears them up pretty fast.  

  • I can recommend two things, both are a vegan product from Arbonne. Product one is FC5 Skin Conditioning Oil and the second is Arbonne Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream

    we also have a great line of baby products too.

    check out my website at and if you have any questions or I can help in anyway, please send me an email at

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