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NBR: Charmed Memories Bracelets or Pandora

Does anyone have one of these? Just wondering if they hold up well and if anyone has had any problems. I love the charmed memories line from Kay Jewelers. I really like to mother and daughter charm. What charms do you have? Can I get a charm from anywhere and have them fit? TIA

Re: NBR: Charmed Memories Bracelets or Pandora

  • I have the Pandora bracelet. DH  bought the bracelet and charms at Belks, but I bought 2 charms from Kay and they fit. I just got it for Christmas, but it's held up well so far.
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  • I have a Pandora and love it. I have too many charms to list.
  • I have a pandora.I've had it for about a year and a half and wear it almost daily,and I've never had any issues.The beads kind of screw on to the bracelet.As long as you get beads that say they are compatible with a pandora(or whichever bracelet you want) they should fit with no problems.I have mostly the blown glass/murano charms on mine,but I also have a couple sterling silver ones( with my birthstone,A's birthstone,etc).

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  • I don't personally have one, but I got Juliana a Pandora one for Christmas and I started putting some beads on it. I plan on adding more beads for special occassions like her Birthday and Christmas, etc.

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  • I love my Pandora bracelet. I have the following charms because of DD. 'A' initial, baby carriage, little girl charm, pacifier, a sapphire spacer (her birthstone) and a baby booty. They are sturdy bracelets and they're good quality.
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  • I have one that my mum gave me for my birthday a few yrs ago.  Every time i go away i get a charm for it. I just went to new orleans and was able to get a fleur di lis to remember the trip. We also went florida and so I picked up up a baby pram to remember my babies first vacation.  Its great because the stores are everywhere so you can get them easily.  I also have a links of london but unfortunately they are not as easy to find and more expensive.
  • I have a bracelet from Troll Beads. The great thing about them is that Pandora, Camille, and most other beads will fit on the bracelet. I've mixed and matched from everyone and they have a great selection of beads on their own too. I am very happy with my bracelet. Also, you are able to trade in the bracelet if you need a bigger size instead of buying a new one and you also get to pick out a clasp. You should check them out.
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