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??? Natural Birth Due Date Check-In ???

Still need a new Keeper of the Check-In so if anyone is interested, let me know!  I will maintain it as long as I can until someone else is up for the duty. Wink


Here's your weekly due date check-in. If you'd like to be added, post below with your EDD, place of birth, birthing method and team (green, blue or pink). Let's get to know each other better!


QOTW: 2nd+ timers, are you looking to NB for a different experience than your first or to have the same/similar experience as your first?  1st timers, is there anyone in your life whose birth experience is one you?d like to duplicate?  Feel free to share any positive stories if you?d like!


Give us any other updates, news or random thoughts you?d like to share!


Birth Announcements

? GoMommy gave birth to Zach on February 15! ? 10 lbs, 11 oz

? GreenFlamingo7 gave birth to her baby boy on February 13! ? 5 lbs, 7 oz & 19 in long

? JennML10 gave birth to Ellison on February 17! ? 9 lbs, 5 oz & 20.75 in long

? jteneback gave birth to Hannah on February 24 at 12:23pm! ? 5 lbs, 11 oz

? kesrya gave birth to Leif at home!

? LifesPeachy gave birth to Gracie in the water on February 18 at 6:05am! ? 8 lbs, 1 oz & 20.25 in long

? meltoine gave birth to her baby boy on February 18 at 9:01pm!

? robbysbride gave birth to Katherine at home on February 21 at 5:30am! ? 8 lbs & 21.5 in long

? staryeyes gave birth to Luke on February 17!

Congratulations to our newest mommas!


Please think happy thoughts for?

? calikat80 and schoolsoutbride, whose babies are currently breech

? chicsub, who was diagnosed with GD


February Love Bugs

Alopdx ? Feb 18 ? Hospital ? Hypnobirthing

AmandaS1017 ? Feb 9 ? Birth Center ? Bradley

Anniee1963 ? Feb 21 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Armybride6510 ? Feb 27 ? Hospital

Aud&Shad777 ? Feb 23 ? Home

Bonniebelle101 ? Feb 23 ? Hospital ? Hypnobabies

BrideNamedMeg ? Feb 28 ? Home ? Bradley

Brittm87 ? Feb 9 ? Home

Buckets of Moonbeams ? Feb 20

Calikat80 ? Feb 10 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Clynn58 ? Feb 27 ? Birth Center ? Bradley

Firedancer1013 ? Feb 11 ? Hospital ? Hypnobabies

GoMommy ? Feb 26 ? Hospital

HappyFebruary ? Feb 13 ? Hospital

Jcragg ? Feb 21 ? Hospital

JennML10 ? Feb 26 ? Birth Center ? Bradley

Jkromer37 ? Feb 11 ? Hospital

LifesPeachy ? Feb 24 ? Birth Center

Meltoine ? Feb 27 ? Birth Center

Papagena ? Feb 13 ? Hospital ? VBAC

Rms55 ? Feb 19 ? Hospital

Robbysbride ? Feb 21 ? Home

Soon2BMrsBoylan ? Feb 8 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Staryeyes ? Feb 10 ? Hospital

March Lucky Charms

*Abby* ? Mar 29 ? Birth Center ? Hypnobabies

Addi517 ? Mar 30 ? Hospital

Adriasf ? Mar 16 ? Hypnobabies

Always4278 ? Mar 4 ? Hospital

AutumnBride929 ? Mar 19 ? Hospital ? HypnoBradley

Barcelonagirl ? Mar 21 ? Hospital ? Hypnobirthing

California_dreamin ? Mar 9 ? Hospital ? Hypnobabies

Cass422 ? Mar 31 ? Hospital

Chicsub ? Mar 8 ? Hospital ? VBAC

Drpayne ? Mar 24 ? Birth Center ? Bradley

Flowerchild77 ? Mar 2 ? Home

GreenFlamingo7 ? Mar 17 ? Hospital

Jandy09 ? Mar 20 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Jayellekay ? Mar 17 ? Hospital ? Hypnobabies

Jennis81 ? Mar 27 ? Home

LaurenL977 ? Mar 10 ? Birth Center ? Hypnobirthing

Lisagde ? Mar 8 ? Hospital

MandusMaximus ? Mar 7 ? Hospital

Missmiss307 ? Mar 27 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Mrs.Husband ? Mar 14 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Perplexed59 ? Mar 27 ? Home

Rachelinouray ? Mar 26 ? Home ? Hypnosomething

Randommoose ? Mar 25 ? Hospital

Roxyroodle ? Mar 5 ? Home ? Bradley

Ruchemist ? Mar 21 ? Home ? Hypnobabies

Runnergirl79 ? Mar 3 ? Birth Center ? VBA2C

Tcarrol12 ? Mar 1 ? Hospital

Thebigmare ? Mar 22 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Sgreen04 ? Mar 30 ? Birth Center ? Hynobabies

Sl_gordon ? Mar 31 ? Hospital

Stahlop ? Mar 24 ? Home ? Bradley

StellarStina26 ? Mar 5 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Wendylaine ? Mar 6 ? Home ? Hypnobabies ? VBAC

April Due Drops Umbrella

ACSMITH89 ? Apr 19 ? Birth Center ? Bradley

AlaskanKisses ? Apr 4 ? Birth Center ? Bradley

Ambercg33 ? Apr 12 ? Hospital ? HypnoBradley

Armandos_girl ? Apr 13 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Ayaka34 ? Apr 1 ? Home

babyTaylor2011 ? Apr 7 ? Home

BerlinMum ? Apr 17 ? Hospital

Brunette mac ? Apr 20 ? Birth Center ? Hypnobabies

Ciaram22 ? Apr 19 ? Hospital

Ckolak:-) ? Apr 28 ? Hospital

Cyprissa ? Apr 17 ? Birth Center ? Bradley

Danamy1 ? Apr 22 ? Hospital ? Bradley
Ecy ? Apr 16 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Emmyann52 ? Apr 22 ? Hospital

Etjohnson0825 ? Apr 2 ? Hospital

Jarobinson21 ? Apr 21 ? Birth Center

Jojotraveler ? Apr 7 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Jteneback ? Apr 4 ? Home

Juliagulia4 ? Apr 21 ? Hospital ? Hypnobirthing

Mmereggie81 ? Apr 24 ? Birth Center ? Bradley

Mrsjohnson706 ? Apr 18 ? Hospital ? Hypnobabies

MrsRoy07 ? Apr 18 ? Hospital

Ncbelle ? Apr 1 ? Birth Center

Ross344 ? Apr 24 ? Hospital ? Bradley

SarahL77 ? Apr 8 ? Hospital ? Hypnobirthing

SouthSideDrea ? Apr 8 ? Hospital ? Bradley

SoxChamps ? Apr 23 ? Home ? VBAC

Tashaobrien ? Apr 8 ? Hospital

thefutureMrsParker ? Apr 8 ? Hospital

Xles10 ? Apr 24 ? Hospital

May Flower Mommas

Aerotigergirl ? May 17 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Aquabee21 ? May 6 ? Birth Center

CaseBride ? May 26 ? Birth Center ? Bradley

Christina1776 ? May 10 ? Birth Center

Ebsil1 ? May 1 ? Birth Center ? Hypnobirthing

Erinb31 ? May 24 ? Hospital ? Hypnobirthing

Fraservalleybride ? May 26 ? Home

Jazzyag ? May 6 ? Hospital

Jeffsgurl86 ? May 2 ? Twins!

Joecubed ? May 20 ? Hospital

JoelsGirl07 ? May 9 ? Home ? Hypnobabies ? VBAC

Kacelle ? May 14 ? Hospital ? Bradley

KidsRN ? May 6 ? Hospital

Klcl8981 ? May 9 ? Home

Kristen3009 ? May 2 ? Home

MandyPandyBear ? May 27 ? Birth Center ? Hypnobabies

PaprikaBug ? May 20 ? Home ? Twins!

Pdilly2b ? May 18 ? Hospital

Robbie3982 ? May 20 ? Hospital

Sparrowsocks ? May 11 ? Home

June Beach Bums Paradise

Achyrelle ? Jun 17 ? Home ? Hypnobabies

Baby4OT ? Jun 14 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Bestmaid6 ? Jun 18 ? Hospital

Cherhop1 ? Jun 18 ? Hospital

ChrissyK2006 ? Jun 3 ? Hospital ? Bradley

DaisyJanie ? Jun 11 ? Birth Center ? Hypnobabies

DreamChaser246 ? Jun 18 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Gymnst1013 ? Jun 1 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Jcsumm0 ? Jun 5 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Kxp004 ? Jun 13 ? Birth Center

Lily37 ? Jun 16 ? Birth Center ? Hypnobirthing

LittleEgypt ? Jun 14 ? Home ? VBAC

Marlynandchris ? Jun 28 ? Birth Center ? Hypnobirthing

Marriedtoeric ? Jun 2 ? Birth Center ? Bradley

Melknee78 ? Jun 1 ? Hospital

Mrsfriend ? Jun 24 ? Hospital ? Hypnobabies

MrsJuicy2B ? Jun 3 ? Home

Nickiechan ? Jun 5 ? Hospital ? Hypnobabies

PinkPearlGirl ? Jun 4 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Redjan ? Jun 30 ? Birth Center ? Hypnobabies

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Robynjkrastel ? Jun 16 ? Hospital ? Hypnobirthing

Sazhrah ? Jun 22 ? Bradley ? VBAC

Sazzie ? Jun 20 ? Birth Center ? Hypnobabies

secondaryPULSE ? Jun 21 ? Home ? Bradley

tchubirubi ? Jun 30 ? Hospital

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BabyMimi ? Jul 11 ? Hospital ? Bradley

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Ihearttab ? Jul 2 ? Hospital ? Bradley                 

Laurel_l ? Jul 20 ? Home ? HypnoBradley ? VBAC

Marsee ? Jul 25 ? Birth Center

Mrs.Leah.Maria ? Jul 3 ? Hospital ? Stubborn

Mrs.Ruska ? Jul 14 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Ohdrama09 ? Jul 14 ? Hospital

Sarahanne389 ? Jul 11 ? Hospital

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Tavia_martin ? Jul 26 ? Hospital ? VBAC

Tinkalooha ? Jul 20 ? Hospital ? Bradley

X0stephanie ? Jul 15 ? Home

August Poppies

Hooker82 ? Aug 21 ? Hospital

Kbk84 ? Aug 17 ? Hospital

Littlepoppyseed ? Aug 3

Mantle ? Aug 2 ? Hospital ? Hypnobabies

Navygirl90 ? Aug 1 ? Birth Center                       

Nillian10 ? Aug 29 ? VBAC

Queenalexandra ? Aug 4 ? Hospital

SarahPLiz ? Aug 27 ? Hospital ? Bradley

Tiffyspiffy1012 ? Aug 28 ? Hospital ? Bradley

September Sapphires

Bre86ann ? Sep 9

Corbin30 ? Sep 20 ? Hospital ? Corbin

JosephsSweetie ? Sep 10 ? Hospital

Laurasuzanne2006 ? Sep 1 ? Home ? Bradley

MissyOlivePants ? Sep 1 ? Home

October Precious Pumpkins

SpinningJess ? Oct 14 ? Birth Center ? Twins!

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Re: ??? Natural Birth Due Date Check-In ???

  • Had my 38-week checkup this morning.  Fundal height is 39 (that thing is all over the place, last week it was 36)... heart rate was in the upper 130's (pretty sure last week it was in the 150's).  I've gained enough (plenty of) weight and I'm super ready to go! lol  Although I guess I still have some time to enjoy these last couple weeks of pregnancy.  M/w predicted the baby to be about 7-1/2 pounds right now... just by feeling.  Her guess last time was way closer to what DS actually weighed than what the u/s predicted!  Funny, isn't it?

    Anyway... QOTW: I am looking for a different experience than last time!  I had to be induced with DS and, while it worked out fine without any pain meds, I would love to be able to experience that spontaneous onset of labor and just be able to labor at home for a while and then go to the hospital.  So fingers crossed that this LO likes to be punctual like his/her momma.

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    Two beautiful legacies: Noah Matthew (2 yrs) and Chloe Marcella (8 mos)
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  • 1st timer: My mother gave birth all three times without pain meds or interventions (and I was almost 10 pounds). I hope I am able to be as strong and patient as she was.
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  • No updates here.

    QOTW (1st timer): My cousin had a pretty awesome birth with her second child. She was lucky enough to live in an area with Birth Centers (none here in Central Ohio) but I'm hoping to follow her example of laboring at home for a while, labor in the tub at the hospital and pushing with in an upright position. Also, she was able to go home 6 hours after birth. Pretty sure I won't be able to leave that early at the hospital, but I'd like to leave as soon as they will let me. 

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  • I wish I was having a different kind of birth. I feel like I'm fighting my hospital on everything, and I'm not sure why that is because my doctor is pretty great. next time I'll do a birth center of HB. My update this week is I am currently getting an NST (as I type) and then another ultrasound because last week they found my AF level to be only 6.5 and so now they are doing more monitoring. And I can feel the intervention cycle beginning. BUT, if it actually keeps my guy safe and healthy then I'm glad for it.
    Please forgive my typos! I'm not as dumb as my iphone would like you to believe :)
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  • Hi I'm new and I'd like to be added to the check-in. 

    I'm due September 29.  I'll be delivering at a hospital using the Bradley Method.

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  • Schoolsoutbride had her babies on 2/23 (twin boys) - she posted a week or so later. I think the title was something like "natural dreams gone c-section."

    Nothing new to report here. My 28-week glucose test actually came back a bit low (at least according to the "low" flag in the system) so I need to ask my MW about that.

    I am a third-time mom and had an OK experience in a hospital with an OB the first time... I had a successful unmedicated, low-intervention birth, but I really had to fight for my wishes to be respected each step of the way, so I wanted something different for #2. We went to a freestanding birth center with a CNM for that one and everything was great, except for the fact that I had a massive post-partum hemmhorage that time. So I am trying a few things during pregnancy to prevent that this time, and also having talks with the MW's about how to handle third stage a little differently too.

  • Update for me: we've decided to officially use Hypnobirthing as a birth method. Thanks!
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  • Update: Going Hospital Route, Gave M/W Birth Plan for my Natural Birth

    In the End it wasnt worth getting into a tussle with my Dh over where our child was going to be born!

    i am looking to a m/w and natural birth for a different experience than the last time with an ob/drugs/internventions.

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  • Hello, I'm new and would love to be added.  I am due 8/25 with my first.  We are team green, and beginning our Bradley classes next week.  We're planning a hospital birth right now, though I would LOVE and am still contemplating the feasibilty (financially) of a homebirth.

    Re: the question - my very good friend (who is due 1 week exactly after me with her 3rd) has had 2 successful Bradley births (she's actually a Bradley instructor now).  Both have been in a hospital (same provider as mine), and her latest she was able to use the squat bar and said it was wonderful.  I just really hope to have the same success as her - a natural Bradley birth in a hospital setting.

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  • I am officially "Overdue"! Midwife  checked me and tried to strip my membranes but my cervix is still VERY posterior . She said the outside of it is starting to stretch down and it was about 3 cm but it still funnels in to about a 1.

    I lost my mucus plug after that visit on Saturday so I'm hopeing for some progress. She won't start NSTs untill I hit 41 weeks. I am so tired of being pregnant and realize that if I was having a RCS this time I would alrady have a one week old. But I know it will be worth it.

    I had a bad experience last time with a failed early induction turned c-section. This time I wanted to have the vaginal birth I wanted and that led meto a midwife since hospitals around me are not VBAC friendly.

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  • QOTW: I am looking forward to a different birth experience than I ahd with my two older chidlren. They were both in hospital with pit/epis and while I don't feel like I was treated poorly and everything went fine, I am glad to be having this LO at a birth center with MWs. I am super excited about this brith!

    My stpemom had 5 pain med-free hospital births. (the only meds she had were related to her heart condition, not the labor itself) I was in the room with her for the last one and I remember how calm she was duirng the whole thing. She just breathed through it, was quiet, and went inside herself, bringing her baby (my lil bro) into the world. She said "oh my G-d" one time, and literally 5 minutes later he was here! I am hoping to have a calm, empowering, peaceful birth experience like she did. (and a short labor like hers too!)

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  • QOTW: I really hope to have a different and more positive experience than my first, which is why I'm going med-free if possible... (however, my body may have other plans, as I say below).


    Update: I could use some positive thoughts, as my placenta is still low lying at 32 weeks (1.83cm, needs to be 2 or I will have to have a c/s, which makes me want to cry). I know that 2/3 of the time when someone still has a LLP at 32 weeks it will move up by 37 weeks, so the odds are in my favor, but I still would love some "placenta moving" juju.

  • No updates this week.

    QOTW: I met 2 ladies through my hypnobirthing class who have had successful previous hypnobirthing experiences. Both were at a birth center where I'll be delivering at a hospital, but I will try to channel their positive experiences when the time comes for me. My OB is on board with my birth plan, but I can't help but be a little concerned because even though I know I can do it, hospitals aren't known for being the most natural-birth friendly.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

    Lilypie - (R7Ux)

  • I had my baby!  Noah Gabriel was born March 4th via c-section.  After learning baby had recently turned breech, we decided to schedule a cesarean.  Learned baby was breech at my appt. Wed. 3/2, confirmed by ultrasound Thurs., 3/3, and was planning on scheduling c-section on Friday morning (probably for today, 3/7), but my water broke at midnight 3/4, and baby Noah was born at 2:09 a.m.  He weighed 7lbs.11oz., and was 20" long.
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  • I have to update my info on the list--we miscarried our first (June 2 EDD on list above), but I'm now 12 weeks into pregnancy #2 and everything looks great so far this time.  Now that I've made it to 12 weeks, I'm looking forward to becoming more involved over here!

    I'm due 9/19, we've been accepted at our birth center, are team green, and don't know what birthing method we'll be using.  Right now, we're leaning toward the birth center instructor's course, which is a combination of Bradley, Hypno, and "other." I presume we'll make a choice after we find a daycare.

    QOTW:  There isn't anyone IRL whose birth experience I'm going to be hoping for.  Most of our family and many of our friends had the "standard" pit/epi births, and the ones who went natural have told me why they would never do it again (of course, to which I responded with our choice of using a birth center).   I'm very thankful DH is supportive and fully on board with our birth center's philosophies and outlook.

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    We'll always remember our angel baby: BFP 9/24/10, M/C 10/23/10 8w4d
  • QOTW: I was very inspired by my friend Erica's home birth. She had done hospital births for her first two children and did a home birth for her 3rd. She then posted a video of her experience and it was just so great. I knew right then and there I at least wanted a natural birth experience. It wasn't until I got pregnant that I thought home birth might be in the cards as well.
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  • QOTW:  This is my first birth, and, surprisingly enough, I haven't heard that many birth stories from those around me.  I'd love to have the fast labor my mom had with my brother (she showed up at the hospital, the doctor went to check her and basically caught him right then) but I know that isn't realistic for my 1st child!

  • Update: Not really baby related, but I have been suffering through a cold for over a week, I feel terrible. Midwife has called in some antibiotics for me today, so hopefully things will start to turn around. I've been spending too much time googling and have almost convinced myself I have pertussis, so I could really use some relief soon.

    QOTW: My natural birth guru is my friend Rachael, who is becoming certified in hypnobabies instruction and I'll be her first student. She had her second baby using hypnobabies, but she delivered in a hospital and I'll be at a birth center, so it'll be a little different. I have two good friends who are set to deliver a month ahead of me at the same birth center, so I'm looking forward to hearing their stories.

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  • image AutumnBride929:

    Still need a new Keeper of the Check-In so if anyone is interested, let me know!  I will maintain it as long as I can until someone else is up for the duty. Wink


    Here's your weekly due date check-in. If you'd like to be added, post below with your EDD, place of birth, birthing method and team (green, blue or pink). Let's get to know each other better!


    QOTW: 2nd+ timers, are you looking to NB for a different experience than your first or to have the same/similar experience as your first?  1st timers, is there anyone in your life whose birth experience is one you?d like to duplicate?  Feel free to share any positive stories if you?d like!



    I can take over, especially now that my job decided to let me go with no warning, severence, or insurance. PM me info on what to do or how to do it. :-)

    I have an u/s this afternoon. I felt the first real flutters last Tuesday (just a few hours before they cut me loose). DH was able to feel a little movement last night. :-)

    I am VERY nervous about not being able to get another job now that I am really showing. I am trusting that God will provide like he always has.

    We are going NB this time because last time was so good. This time though, especially now that we won't have insurance, we are looking at home water birth with a MW.

  • Update here -- we're expecting a boy!!
  • Update!

    We found out today that we are having a boy!! And the ultrasound also changed my due date.

    Due July 26

    Birth Center/Water Birth


  • Had my baby! Quinn Michael (yeah, changed the middle name...LOL), was born at home, in the water on Friday, March 4 at 3:19 pm. He weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long. My little chunker and I didnt even tear! Big Smile We're both doing great. He seems to think any time hes not attached at the boob is tmie wasted. Hes just precious. <3
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  • Hi everyone!!! My name is Kristin and I'm 25 weeks along. I'm due June 21st and i would like to be added to this list.


    A little about me! I have 2 boys (ages 9 and 5) and they are summer babies as well! B-days are June 29th (out oldest will be 10) and July 25th (our youngest will be 6). 

    We don't know the gender of this baby but we DO know that the baby's name will begin w/ the letter K. So, the boys have nicknamed the little one Baby "K"! LOL!!

    I will be practicing the Bradley Method w/ my Midwives in Mpls, MN. I love them. It's great to connect w/ people who share my vision as well! :)

    I hope that all is well w/ u all!





  • Welcome cutiee2, you are added to the list and will appear next week. :-)
  •  Everything is just fine and dandy here!  Going in for my 3d ultrasound on Saturday and my friend is talking some pregnancy pictures of me on Sunday <3 

    Well, I'm a first timer and there's no one's birth that I personally know of that I would like to emulate.  Most of the birth stories that I've been exposed to have the opposite effect.  They're all full of drama, epis not working, emergency c-sections, and pre-term babies.  Yet I'm 'crazy' for wanting to do things naturally with a midwife hoping for a better outcome.  @_@

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  • This seems like a more appropriate place for me to request to be added so here you guys go:

    01 Sept 11, hospital, Bradley, green for the duration of the pregnancy

    I'm Elaine and I live in a small town in NM but am originally from FL. This is our first baby. I totally have a girl-crush on one of my husband's coworker's wives. She has had four babies naturally including one 13 pounder. She's been very encouraging and willing to share her experiences and that has been so comforting.

     I don't want the pitocin or epidural or IV and I don't want my husband's family to keep telling me I should just get the epidural instead of going through it naturally. (I was also told by one of his aunts that the doctors would never give anyone narcotic pain relievers during labor....) I'm super thankful for my mom's support of our decisions and am so lucky to have so many friends here who are supportive of our decisions as well (totally makes up for not having family within a 12 hour drive of here).





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