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Miscarriage while TTC after BC (Nuvaring)?!!!!

I've been on the Nuvaring since I believe 1 yr now this month. My husband and I planned that I remove the ring (for good) in August, then  begin TTC August/Septemberish. I visited my OB this Friday and she told me If i start right after I remove the ring: 1) I may get pregnant 2) I could have twins and 3) I can have a miscarriage!! She told me to wait 3 months after i remove the ring. This freaked me out! I contiued to read TheBumps blogs about other women TTC while off the Nuvaring and I have not found ONE good report that someone have concieved! I'm a little scared. I know God has his own plans, but I have to be wise too. This Friday (3/11/2011) will be the regular time I remove my ring. Should I remove it for good from now so that I begin a regular cycle inorder to have better results by this August?

Re: Miscarriage while TTC after BC (Nuvaring)?!!!!

  • You could go ahead and remove it and start charting your cycles so you know how long your cycles are and checking OPK's. You can click on my chart to sign up with fertility friend. Good luck.

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  • I was on the Nuva Ring for 6 or so years, and DH and I have been TTC for 14 months now. Not to scare ya, but its been a roller coaster for us. I went ob BC for irregular cycles tho, so I dont know if your body will react differently than mine did. My cycle is super long too, and I havent been able to have a regular unmedicated cycle. Hope you have better luck than Im having at the moment!
  • I used nuvaring for about 5 or 6 years and I really loved it.  My doc did not mention the miscarriage thing at my appt.  She just said stop using it, wait a cycle, and then start trying.

    I haven't had any luck yet getting pregnant and obviously no MCs either. My cycles are longish too, (32- 44 days) but they were like that before nuvaring so I don't blame the ring. This is my 6th cycle TTC and 2nd full cycle charting. I am still feeling pretty optimistic (most days, def. easier to feel optimistic before O than in then 2ww and on CD1). The things I have read say it can take a long time for different people's cycles to normalize so I just keep hoping mine will eventually. Good luck!


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  • I was on Nuva ring for 3 years before TTC (as well as the pill for 4 years before that). I had regular cycles before BC and continued to have regular cycles after BC. When I went to my OBGYN for my preconception visit, she said that I could start immediately after removing it and never mentioned anything about miscarriages or twins or anything like that. I talked with a different OBGYN about it as well, and she said the same thing. I think that each woman's body reacts to it differently, which is why our Dr.s seem to be giving different advice. I am on CD1 of cycle # 8 trying. My cycles have been normal, I'm ovulating, but we're not pregnant yet either. I don't know if that has anything to do with BC.

    The best advice I have for you is to start temping and charting. You can sign up for fertility friend by clicking on my ticker below. It is definitely  a big help!

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  • I was on Nuva Ring for a few years as well.  I've been off of it for almost 15 months, and am only just recently getting regular cycles.  I'd recommend temping/charting sooner rather than later.  (Learn from my mistake!)  It's the only way you'll know if you're regulating or not.

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  • I'm also going to jump on the "not to scare you but..." train. I was on the Nuvaring for around 4 years (and the pill prior to that) before starting TTC this past September. I can't remember what my cycles were like prior to being on BC but they are very long now (around 50 days each). I have ovulated on my own every cycle ranging between O'ing on cd29 to cd36. I was able to get pregnant my second cycle off of the Nuvaring but unfortunately miscarried. With that being said, I have no medical connection between the Nuvaring and the miscarriage.

    I have a twin sister who was on the Nuvaring as well, just as long as I was and the pill prior to that as well. She got pregnant her first cycle off of the ring and now has a very healthy 9 month old. 

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  • I was also on the Nuva ring for almost two years. And when I got off of it in the end of September of 2010, I have a few very abnormally long cycles. And for the past three months I have been back on schedule with a 28 day cycle. My man and I had IC a day after I O'd and so far I am a week late, but plan on waiting till next week to find out whether or not I am PG. But I have talked to my doctor and he said that some people range in cycle days, for a couple months or longer. It depends on the person and their reaction to the change of not having the ring in anymore. I hope you either start a regular cycle soon after you remove it. But I think the more time you give your system to regulate the better chances you will have to conceive when you start TTC in august. And possibly charting after you remove it will give you the idea of if whether or not your back on regular schedule or not.GOOD LUCK!!!!
  • In Sept 2010 I was 4 days late putting my ring back in. I got pg, miscarried at 4 weeks.

    This month, we are TTC. I took the ring out 3-17-11 got my period and didnt put it back in. 4-7-11 I got a positive test. 4-8 i spotted brown. 4-9 its more of a light period with red. no clots yet. cramping. I don't know if they are bad cramps or not because I have a really high tolerance for pain. I feel like I may be losing it.  I am 3 weeks. Ive had sore breasts for past 2.5 weeks.. probably due to hormones. But past couple days they have been really super sore.

     I already have a  6 yr old girl. With her I didnt even know I was pregnant till i realized my boobs were sore for too long to not have gotten my period. I was 6 weeks along when I found out about her. 

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  • Wow! Thank you all for responding and thank you for the wishes. Still a little scary but I read some inspiring comments) Thank you. My husband and I decided to start getting on a regular cycle last month which began (3/13/11). I went through my first cyle which laaasted for 29 days. I'm hoping it stays this way or not longate too drastically to 35 days and up. I've aleady estimated when i'll be ovulating in August which may seem kind of bizzare for some people, but i'm just super excited to start TTC. Ladyraejewelry, I 'll be praying for you:) I will keep in touch as the months go by to keep those who wrote me updated. This would be our first child so please keep us in your prayers! All the best!!
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