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3D Ultrasound

Hi ladies,

We were supposed to find out the gender of LO at our ultrasound on Thurs. Unfortunately, baby was uncooperative. The tech said that we could ask the doc to request another ultrasound to try again later, but a friend suggested a 3D ultrasound. She said that the brochure she'd gotten from the 3D Ultrasound clinic this week said that 3D ultrasounds had 100% gender accuracy. Anyone know if this is the case? I just don't understand how that can be true if the baby is uncooperative and in a poor position on the day of the ultrasound, 3D or otherwise.

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Re: 3D Ultrasound

  • Idk I'm guessing that would apply to the baby willing to show the goods. I still don't know how they were able to see mine is a girl when she was laying on her side with her back to us the entire time. 2 different techs and the Dr. both said definitely a girl... That, I will never understand lol I guess they just have their ways 
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  • I don't think any ultrasound places can claim 100% accuracy but I do know that my 4D place said they would for sure find out the sex on my visit and if they were wrong, they would give me a free session. Well, they were right but I would have appreciated another session!

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  • I think the difference is that at a doctor's office, they have so much more important things to look for at the anatomy scan. They can't spend a lot of time trying to get the baby to show the goods plus they have other patients waiting. But, at an elective u/s they can spend a lot more time focusing on the sex of the baby.
  • I just had a 3D ultra sound and they could not see on the first appointment so they let me come back 2 weeks later to try again free of charge, plus we go pictures from both times!
  • UMM no..i dont think anything is 100% and actually, my friend went to a 3d place and obviously paid for the cd and pix...she was told a girl, like another tech told her...when she went to her doc. appt. U/S...she was told a BOY..this was within like 4 days of eachother! She emailed the 3d U/S place and they agreed to do a free one, on top of another free U/S later on..and they confirmed...a week later..it was in FACT a boy! so..i would say not 100% and this happened about 2 weeks ago.
  • the hospital that I go to does 3D ultrasounds anyway and the tech had a harder time seeing the gender that way than with the 2D scan. I have to go back in because the baby wasnt in a postition that the tech could get all of the pictures of her spine so we are going to double check the gender.

  • All of the 3d/4d ultrasound places I have looked at offer you a return visit until the baby is in the right position to determine sex. 
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