Do I have to wait 18 years to get sleep again??

Love my twins.  I do.  But I also love sleep.  I'm not being a hog -- I am only asking for 4 hour blocks.  Is that so selfish??

It just seems like if it isn't one thing, it's another.  (Welcome to the world of motherhood, right?)

Babes are sick now, each with a cold.  So, they are not STTN right now -- poor things feel miserable.  Between the two of them, I felt like I was up every 45 minutes through the night.  And it's hard to get their naps to overlap more than 5 mins, it seems.

So, I am just venting about sleep.  I know every stage is hard and has its challenges.  I just hope I don't have to wait a full 18 years before I am able to sleep again.

Thanks for listening...pity part over.

PS: when they are well again, I am putting them in plastic bubbles.  Sick kiddos are not fun!!

Re: Do I have to wait 18 years to get sleep again??

  • I think so! When my babies first slept for a 6 hour block I couldn't sleep because I was worried about them!
  • I'm in the same boat right now...we all have colds & none of us are getting any sleep. Sucks...i love my sleep too especially because i work.
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  • I know it feels that way now but it does get better, I promise.  All 3 of my kids sleep from 7 to 7.  But for me it didn't just happen, it was a lot of work.  A lot of the time, it means being really strict about schedules and often that means missing out on a lot a rushing home for bedtime or naptime.  But it is worth it when you can get some time at night to get stuff done, relax and get a full night of sleep.
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  • It sure seems that way.  The other night I was in a pretty foul mood being soooo tired.  The boys decided for the past few days that getting up at 5am sounds great.   I love my sleep, but now it just seems like I will constantly be tired.  I have come to accept it.  Wink
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