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Hi everyone, I haven't been on here in a long time which I apologize for, I'm just not on the computer much. I was just wondering what everyone's schedule/routine is for the babies. We are trying to figure out if its time to put them to bed earlier, like 7:30 or so or if we should continue the last feeding around 9. so far they have only slept 5 hours at night in between feedings, 9 to 2 and I would love to get a little more sleep. Not sure when that will happen but I'm looking forward it. Thank you for your help!

Re: 4 month old schedule

  • My boys will be 4 Months on Monday we put them to bed at 7:30pm. W has been sleeping thru the night for about 3 weeks now and D just started this week ( he was getting up for a bottle at like 4am then back to bed til 7am. They get up every morning at 7am on the DOT.

    Before they started this bedtime the week after Christmas, they were gettign their last bottle at like 11pm it was awful we were soo tired

    At Christmas we saw a cousin from out of town and she has a 1yr old and she told us his bedtime was 7pm cause she said Im not sure if its true but babies have an internal clock and if you activate it they will continue with the bedtime. Soo far its working soo I will go with what she said.

    Also a big thing I do is every morning like 8am I dress the babies for the day pants, top and socks and I tell them they are getting dressed and tell them each stgep of the outfit going on, them  come 7:15 we start singing Pajama Time and make a big fuss about changing them,the boys can be screaming their heads off but as soon as I lay them down to put the sleeper on they stop crying.


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  • My babies are almost 4 months and have been going to bed at 7:30ish for about 3 weeks now. Occasionally one of them wakes up around midnight and I just give that baby a little 5 minute snack to hold her over until the 3am feeding. After the 3am feeding one of them usually wakes around 6am.
  • Mine go to bed at 7pm. I start bedtime at 6:30 usually. DD used to STTN but hasn't in a few weeks because she's sick. DS has only STTN a few times but i don't feed him. I just give him his binky and he goes back. We have a whole bedtime routine so they know it's time. I say start now. I started this at 8wks.
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  • My girls just started daycare this week but they have them on the same schedule we basically had them on.  

    7:30am - wake them up, dress them and take them to daycare

    8:30am - 6oz bottle

    10-10:45am - nap

    11:30am - 6oz bottle

    1-2:30pm- nap 

    3:00- 6oz bottle

    4:30-5pm - nap

    6:30/7pm- 7-8oz bottle (we feed them when they start fussing and rubbing their eyes)  

    7pm- 3/4/5am? - 7oz bottle - they sleep until either 3, 4, or 5am.. now that I am back at work whenever one wakes up we just wake and feed the other so they can be on the same schedule for daycare.  Last night they slept from 7pm to 4:30am so hopefully they'll just start sleeping longer.  They were STTN (7-7am) for about 2-3 weeks but then regressed shortly before turning 4 months. 

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