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spinoff of forgetting your pregnant: Drinks

DH and I have decided we want to wait until we are 12 weeks to tell friends.  The problem with this is we have a bi-weekly tradition with a group of friends to do dinner and drinks.. Drinks usually equals 3-4 easily.  If I show up and suddenly order water, the gig is going to be up real quick. I even considered just being buisy for a week or two, but eventually they're going to start asking questions....any creative diversion techniques?


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Re: spinoff of forgetting your pregnant: Drinks

  • hhhummm. I told my girl friends that I was taking antibotics and was not able to drink for a week. :) It worked.

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  • I said I had a urinary tract infection.  That worked for a whole weekend.  Now my DH and I are figuring out how to secretly make virgin drinks (at parties) without people knowing.
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  • I was just in this situation. My friends were already seated when I got there. I asked the hostess who my waitress was and if I can talk to her quickly. (We got here often so they know us) I explained to her my situation and that I am going to order a cranberry and vodka..bring me a cranberry and seltzer. No one knew the difference! lol


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  • I just ordered what my husband was drinking and switched when he got empty.  No one notices if your holding something.
  • I don't think the cover of being on an antibiotic will work with my friends, as they will see right through that!  I was out last weekend and just had my husband order me a soda water with lime and said it was vodka soda when asked.  Next weekend we are going to a friend's house and my plan is to have beer and just fake sip until I can switch with my husband and/or dump some down the sink when I get the chance.  Ahh the lengths we go to to keep our secret!
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  • ooh yeah, antibiotics is good.  then the next week, you have to help out family or something.
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  • oh, and act reasonably annoyed that you can't make it.
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  • You could always order a non-alcoholic that looks like your usual. They wont know the difference...you might be able to add grenadine for color.

  • Mine only lasted about three weeks and then it was all over so I hope you can keep it up. On the other side I realized the people I told I was so close to I would have told them about a miscarriage if god forbid I had one. So it didn't matter. Good luck

  • Not sure if your a beer drinker or a mixed drink drinker.  If you drink mixed drinks it's pretty easy to fool other people.  Last weekend I was drinking pineapple, tonic and a splash of cranberry juice.  Looks & tastes just like a malibu bay breeze.  Unless someone is watching the bartender mix a drink then they would never know.
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    I just ordered what my husband was drinking and switched when he got empty.  No one notices if your holding something.


    Ditto.  Worked just fine for me for several weeks.

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  • That's how the news got out with our friends last weekend. We all went out to dinner with our kids and I declined a glass of wine. My girlfriend was pointing and smiling at me immediately.
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  • are you catholic?  lent starts wednesday.....i'm "giving up drinking" for lent
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  • when I was pregnant with ds, I or DH would go to the bar and order me a diet coke (better than rum and coke) and ask the bartender to put it in a normal cocktail glass with slice of orange (that's how I like my rum and coke) and I would just sip it.

    I am also catholic and use lent once we got to that point and just said I was giving up alcohol. No one argued that one. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday next week on the 9th. So if you can use that one, that might work.

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  • 1) Get there early and "wait" at the bar.  Grab yourself a coke in a rocks glass, or a cranberry juice with lime, and then tell them you started early, bring it to the table with you.

    2) Before, when I wasn't pregnant, I got a really bad cold.  I couldn't taste anything, I was feeling like crap, and we had plans with friends we couldn't cancel.  I told them I was feeling awful, but really wanted to see them and I drank orange juice all night.  No one questioned whether I was pregnant.  Given the season, you could probably easily fake a cold.

    3) Depending on how comfortable you are - I work with medical professionals, including a labor and delivery nurse.  This week I've been working with several OB/GYNs.  I've been terrified that one of them is going to "recognize" something is up with me.  In the past 9 weeks I've had to go out with them for work to a bar twice.  The first time I ordered a glass of wine and was planning on having a sip and having everyone else get drunk and assume it was my 2nd/3rd/etc.  Didn't work. Everyone started asking what was wrong with my wine.  So I drank it. 1 glass of wine over the course of 3 hours.  Tonight I had a glass of champagne over the course of 2 hours.  No one ever questioned not getting refills because they saw me drinking.  And I figure spreading it out over hours means my body isn't processing very much alcohol at a time.

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    I don't think the cover of being on an antibiotic will work with my friends, as they will see right through that!  I was out last weekend and just had my husband order me a soda water with lime and said it was vodka soda when asked.  Next weekend we are going to a friend's house and my plan is to have beer and just fake sip until I can switch with my husband and/or dump some down the sink when I get the chance.  Ahh the lengths we go to to keep our secret!

    You have described me to a T!  This is exactly what I've been doing - lots of "vodka soda" (my drink of choice anyway) and some beers down the drain when I go to the bathroom. :o)

    Although some of my close friends noticed.  I left a gathering early one night and they were all talking about whether or not I am preggo.  They haven't questioned me about it yet, but one of H's friends who stayed that night mentioned how they were all discussing it.  I guess I am no Houdini.

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  • Ugh, shortly after I found out I'm prego I had to travel for work and every night everyone got together at the hotel bar and drank. I told them I had not been feeling well and chose to give up drinking for a while and stuck with water or sprite, I thought it would be a good excuse for when I went back to my room early because I was so exhausted. It didn't really work though, I later found out from my friend at work that my boss and others had been speculating I was prego and would talk about it as soon as I left the room. Nice. 

    I wish it had been lent when was in that situation, I totally would have used that as my excuse. 



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  • Since I'm usually NOT without drink in hand, I ordered real alcoholic beverages like a wine and just pretended to drink it. It's interesting how no one really notices that your glass isn't really going down... but if I would have refused a drink for any reason, I would have been BUSTED :) 
  • I told people I gained weight over the holidays and quit drinking for a bit to cut calories, no one questioned it.



  • Virgin Mojito's, margaritas or tonic with a lime.

     Get there early, give the waitress $20 and tell her to remember your drink (virgin whatever) so she can just say, "Another one?" and you can smile and nod... 


    Or be sick this week, then next week be on antibiotics. 

  • I just asked the bartender on the sly to mix a cranberry/vodka drink.  I was nervous because I'm usually a wine drinker, but no one even noticed the difference.  I also used the antibiotics excuse to success, but that will only last about one week.  You could always say your in the baby-making process and abstaining for that reason too.
  • I have pulled the waiter/waitress aside and asked them to bring me virgin drinks even though I ordered something regular. I usually order a sprite, stoli razz and a splash of cran. So it's easy to leave out the vodka. I do the same when I go to friends houses. I bring all 3 ingredients and just don't add the vodka.
  • Say that you're giving up alcohol for Lent. ;)
  • Say you gave it up for Lent!


  • That's exactly what I've been doing! I've also told people I'm doing a "cleanse"...I've been training for a race, so it's not too far fetched (although I've already been questioned a bunch of times). Pretty sure people are suspecting.
  • I live in New Orleans, so drinking is a big part of our culture and I found out right at the end of October, so had to have diversions throughout the holidays.  During Saints games, I would take a dark beer bottle, pour out the beer (or my husband would drink it), rinse it out, and fill it with unsweetened ice tea from a jug...when you pour it in, it foams at the top, just like a beer.  No one had a CLUE!  Other than that, when going to restaurants, I would "go to the bathroom" and tell our waiter that i would be ordering vodka and sodas - but really to bring me just soda in a short glass with lime...or a bloody mary, but really bring me a virgin mary.  That way, there was no discussion.  We'd tip the waitor extra.  I had ONE friend question why I was not drinking wine at dinner, and instead switched to vodka and sodas (which I would drink every now and then) and I told her I was just trying to cut calories.  She dropped it.  After we told everyone, they were ALL shocked they had been tricked for so long! :)

  • If you're going to someone's house, this might work...

    One of my friends brought their own drinks (bottles of "beer").  Before they got there she had her Hubby drink from the bottles or they poured them down the drain and then they filled the bottles with water.  You can't tell the difference!  You can bring it in your own cooler and have 3 bottles of the regular (just in case someone else wants one too).

     Good luck!  It's hard... next time I'll just be slowing down on my drinking before we start trying.

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  • Get there early and let your server know that whenever your order your drink, it's always a virgin.  Or just not know what you want, and then have DH go up and tell the server to bring you something, margarita (virgin of course).

     If you are having friends/family over, pour non-alcoholic wine into a specific wine bottle, and drink that....once you have had 2 or 3 glasses, they will not suspect a thing! Just remember to get a few different bottles of wine, and designate one as yours, the rest actually wine though!

  • Haha.. YES!!! This is what I've been doing and it's working perfectly. :)
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