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I keep forgetting I'm PR

I just got my BFP yesterday and this morning I went to starbucks and bought a large coffee and threw the whole thing away b/c I want to try to avoid caffeine.  Then, this afternoon a coworker asked me to get drinks this weekend and I agree'd....woops!  I guess I'll just have to be "not feeling well" or something.


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Re: I keep forgetting I'm PR

  • You can still have caffine just limit your intake. The booze well not so much LOL

    I still have a coffee or tea in the morning depending on which one I feel like.

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  • It's hard isn't it? A bunch of coworkers are getting together for happy hour today and I had to think of a reason not to go...it'd be strange if I showed up and didn't have a drink, LOL...and I don't want to tell them yet!

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  • Wait till the morning sickness than you can't forget, LOL JK hope you don't have any bad symptoms and CONGRATS!

  • I am the same way as you, a bunch of co-workers were talking about having a party in a few weeks after we get done with state testing ( i'm a teacher and our testing schedule is really stressful this year) and I was thinking there better be some drinks there...then I remembered- it won't do me any good anyway :).  Normally I never drink anyway, but after 3 stressful weeks, it would have been nice.  Wouldn't change it though! 

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  • Haha the day after I found out I went to the fridge two times to get a beer. Only after I opened the door and looked at them did I realize I couldn't have one!
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  • Same here - this week I'm invited to a bachelorette party (!) on St. Patrick's Day (!!!). Lucky for me, I found out I'm pregnant on the day before Lent started so I've just told everyone I'm giving up alcohol and caffeine for Lent. Very few people have questioned my excuse :) 
  • I had the same problem last weekend. I drank virgin caesars and 0.5 beer poured in a  glass and no one was the wiser. I don't "feel" like I am so sometimes I crave caffeine etc. as well but it is hard to keep up the ploy. If you tell them it is for health reasons that always works.
  • You can have some caffeine, but not A LOT. I don't think your Starbucks would have hurt anything, especially if you are careful with your caffeine intake. It is not something that you should do every day but one as a treat once a while will not hurt.

    If you decide to go out with your friend, order pop/soda (caffeine free) or a virgin drink. 

  • Dont worry its hard at he beginning. i was the same way. i was drinking sodas and coffee all the time and i would feel guilty eating the extra salty fries from mcd's. but itll get easier (so to say) once u start showing and have all the ultrasounds.. i switched into healthy mommy mode at about 13weeks.. (also i didnt know i was preggers until almost 8 weeks into it and i was still having drinks n coffee) and everyting is fine.. just eb aware you are pregnant and start making little changes.. a little caffine everyday is ok, but alchol is a no, along with smoking. dont stress too much, itll just kick in one day! lol good luck and congrats!
  • Congrats, it's the most amazing thing in the world to have this little life growing inside you. I'm 21 weeks and he doesn't let me forget he is there with the (seems like) constant kicks and somersaults. I was big on caffeine pre-pregnancy so I know it's hard to cut back but do just that, you don't have to cut it out at all. Too much caffeine is bad but a cup of coffee here and there isn't going to hurt a thing. Just remember to stock up on that vitamin C to help prevent stretch marks! lol!

  • Try drinking cranberry juice and ginger ale. It has a kick to it, it may help with nausea and it looks like a real drink so your friends will never know.
  • Just order Cranberry and Seltzer, its a great way to disguise a non alcoholic drink.
  • I kept forgetting in the beginning too - the first 8 or so weeks especially when you're not showing but it will get better!
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