12 week olds nap and feeding

How many naps does your 12 week old take?  If 2-3, how did you transition from more, shorter naps to less longer naps?

Also, how many oz are your feeding and how often?

Thanks in advance! 


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Re: 12 week olds nap and feeding

  • My twins are 14 weeks. They take frequent short naps anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. It kind of drives me crazy because it is not enough time to get anything done. I would prefer longer less number of naps. But they just kind of transitioned on their own.

    We feed about 4 oz every 3 hours.
  • Mine are 16 weeks but they're on the same schedule they were on at 12 weeks.  We're on a 3.5 hour schedule and our day is like this:

    6am: Bottle and back to bed

    9:30am: morning bottle, playtime and down for a nap by 11:30

    1pm: lunchtime bottle, playtime and down for a nap by 3

    4:30pm: afternoon bottle, playtime and down for a nap by 6:30

    7:30pm: change into jammies, bedtime bottle and in bed by 8:30 or so

    11pm: dreamfeed

    IDK if you are doing Babywise, but it says that naps > 2.5 h can rob nighttime sleep, so I wouldn't let naps go beyond this point.  I'm lucky if I can get them to sleep for an hour in the crib, and then they usually end up in the swing for the rest of naptime.

    DS eats 6.5oz per bottle (he's a big eater) and DD eats 5 (and sometimes it's a struggle to get that much in her)

  • At 12 weeks my guys were taking 3-4 naps a day. The last one was usually just a 30-45 minute cat nap around dinner. They were taking 5-6oz bottles 6-7 times a day. Bedtime is and was 7pm.
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