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Moving to Tampa/Clearwater ... tell me a bit about it?

Hey ladies!  My family and I (DH and DD) are looking to make a huge move to the Clearwater area this summer, maybe earlier.  We're Chicago suburbs, born and raised!  I am transfering through work (I requested a transfer) and DH is actually quitting his job up here and will try and find a new job.  He'll be a SAHD until he does!  We're selling our home and are either going to rent for a year or two or buy something.  It'll actually benefit us financially (even with him out of work for a while) and bring us much closer.  Right now, because of our absurd mortgage and taxes, we're having to work complete opposite shifts as we can't afford daycare.  But, that's another post!  ;-)

I've never been to Florida but DH used to go numerous times a year as a kid.  He loves it!  I've been to Puerto Rico though and loved it (I'm ok with humid!).  I hate cold and snow and would love to be able to go outside all year 'round!  I can't see why I wouldn't love it!

Can you tell me what you love about where you live?  What you hate?  Weather?  Neighborhoods?  Anything?!  I've done a ton of research and reading on-line but who better to ask then other moms!  We're visiting in the next couple months just to make sure I like the area.

Thanks sooooo much!!

Re: Moving to Tampa/Clearwater ... tell me a bit about it?

  • Hi there!  I live in St. Petersburg, so I don't know the specifics of all the Clearwater neighborhoods.  I know some people who live in Clearwater, so if you visit and have questions about specific areas, you can message me and I can ask what they think!  If you look at St. Petersburg at all, north St. Pete is generally a better area than south St. Pete.  If you have any questions about south county, I can try to answer those for you.  I am originally from MA, so I still ask lots of questions about things around here.  Good luck!

  • I am in Saint Petersburg also and we moved from TX. My husband is military and stationed at Macdill. We are in North St Pete also and only go to the beaches in Clearwater, so I have to say that's my favorite part about it. I dont know much about the housing market there, but before moving here I looked up a bunch of housing on Craigslist to get a feel for what we can for our money. Good luck and I'm sure you will looove it here!
  • I live in South Tampa and like it the best in the area. Next I'd pick downtown/Old Northeast St. Pete. I'm not super familiar with Clearwater but most people love the beaches.

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  • I live in New Tampa (close to USF) since my DH works there. I am not too familiar with Clearwater neighborhoods either but I love going to the beach there. I moved here from Massachusetts 6 years ago and I am so happy that I did. I do NOT miss the snow one bit. The mid summer months start to get a little hot and I get tired of it but it FULLY makes up for it in the winter. As long as you are near water or A/C in the summer it is no problem.


    Good luck! 

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  • I live in the Clearwater area and am actually from the ChiTown 'burbs as well! Palos Heights, born and raised. Lived there until 1996 when I moved here with Mom and bro and sis. I'm not sure how much or what to really do around here as far as moms are concerned since I'm pregnant with my first :) I'm still trying to get all my close friends to get preggo with me, lol!!

    The area is wonderful though. Lots of places to shop, the beach is nearby along with so many parks and playgrounds for family activities. Thankfully we live right across the street from one so that's where I plan on spending most of my time.

    Good luck on the move! My sister was preggo when she moved down here and it was no fun, lol. And congrats one your baby! And the move!


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  • I live in Clearwater and have my whole life. Its a good area to be in becuase its fairly central to everything, especially if you like west close to the highway and tampa.
  • Dur. I meant "live East" close to the highways and tampa.


    I'm gonna blame that on pregnancy brain...

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