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Dirty blonde hair and highlights

So, I was talking to a coworker today and mentioned that as soon as I am out of my first trimester I am heading to the salon and highlighting my awful roots. She told me she had a friend with my hair color that had her hair turn green when she was pregnant and got highlights. I honestly think this is ridiculous and have never heard of this before, but thought I'd check the boards. :)

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Re: Dirty blonde hair and highlights

  • No that is totally ridiculous.  The hair that would have grown from your pregnancy is probably only going to be 1/2 inch long at the most.  There isn't any reason you would have an adverse reaction on your whole head.

    I am counting down the days until I can get my hair done.  I always had it done in the second trimester of each pregnancy and never had an issue.

     Enjoy yourself!  I know I can't wait to get to the salon :)

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  • I have had color not turn out right when my client was pregnant (using the same formula as prepregnancy), but no change when using bleach.  No big deal if it turns green, your stylist should be able to do a quick fix for ya :)  Good luck!

    EDIT:  Clarity & I should also add that I am a hairstylist.

  • I've heard of chlorine turning bleached hair green. But not pregnancy.
  • I am 11 weeks and couldn't take the roots any longer. I decided based on what I had read/my obgyn's opinion and my hair dresser that I would go ahead. I got highlights carefully laid so that no color ever touched my scalp. My hair came out bright and blonde and I love it. Good luck!
  • Hair stylists have babies too. And their hands are in the stuff all the time.

    I say bleach away.

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  • My hair turned green early in my pregnancy, but it was from the PH in our well water being off balance.  We got it fixed and I got shampoo called, Malibu Well Water to get rid of the minerals in my hair.  It took about a week for all of it to come out.  Now my hair is mostly brown with blond ends and I'm also dying to get back to the salon.  2 more weeks until my highlights appointment! 
  • I too am a stylist. I have never once had a pregnant womans hair turn green. If by chance yours did, your stylist would be able to put a color overlay on top of it to take care of this. (Same thing if your hair naturally pulls an orangy brassy color, a color overlay can take care of this.) The only time I've had green is from chlorine. Pregnancy and certain illnesses can change how your hair responds to certain things, but I wouldn't think being pregnant would change the color a decolorizer (highlights) would pull. Just make sure you go to a good salon and a good stylist. 
  • I asked my doc's office this question too. The MA called me back and said my doc says it's ok to go ahead and dye your hair. However the MA said that sometime pregnancy hormones can change your hair and the color won't 'take' as well, if at all.  Not sure if this came from my doc or just the MA? She didnt say it would turn green. 
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