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It is going to seem like forever!!!

I finally had my first dialation check-up yesterday and my doctor said that he thinks that I will be going over my due date. That means Felicity probably won't be born until April! How do I mentally prepare myself for such a long wait when all of the other March mommies seem to be having thier babies early? Plus I have three friends due before me. It is so not fair! I want to hold my little girl :( Okay spoiled brat rant over. lol

Re: It is going to seem like forever!!!

  • Even my doctor said "We are bad at estimating." Just because you are closed up tight now, does not mean you'll go over your due date. Women walk around at 4cm dilated for weeks and some show no progress or opening and have the baby that night. My friend went in for her appt, was barely effaced and 0cm. The doctor told her it would be weeks before she had the baby. Well she went into labor 2 days later, so really just try to take it with a grain of salt. You have 5 more weeks to go, anything can happen.

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  • It is hard to go past your due date (even though doc's really can't determine that), but it is so much better for baby than going early!  Every day baby cooks is better for it!

    That being said, try to "schedule" some fun baby-free things for you to do.  It helps to have things to look forward to throughout the weeks. Date nights with your DH, a manicure, even just a decadent coffee and a great book at Sbux can help!

    And use the extra time to stock the freezer.  Every day from 39 weeks on, I made a different kind of cookie and froze them.  Wow, was I thankful for those treats when the 2 am feedings took 2 hours! Oh yeah, and some people make meals, too ;-)

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  • Indifferent Amazing that your MD would say that to you @ 35 weeks. They cannot predict it, which is why you're going in q week or every other.... because they cannot say.

    I am pregnant w/ my third boy, I am 38 weeks along. Two weeks ago, I just started dilating - if you are less than 36 weeks, I'd hope you'd not be dilating quite yet as you are not medically "term" until 36 weeks. Take heart, and just go every week expecting to be surprised. Many docs will try to set you up to want an induction, and if you're going for a natural labor, you will need to wait. If there's something up w/baby or you, they'll let you know... Other than that  my dear, I'd just walk or do some sort of activity everyday & grab a birthing ball to just sit on & relax when you watch a tv/movie, or do e-mails etc... but so much can change within 4.5 -5 weeks!!! Hang in there!

  • Thank you to you all! Your words are hopeful and helpful. This is why I love the March board! There are only helpful words and no judgements. You are all right, It seems too early to know anything for sure.
  • Definitely don't let him get you down. You never know what will happen!
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