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RH Negative

Yesterday I went for an OB appointment and my doctor informed me that my blood type is B -. She mentioned that I will need to get a shot because I am RH-negative, but the baby might be positive.  The doctor said that if there is any cross contamination between negative blood and the baby's positive blood, that my body (if I don't have the shot) will create antibodies to get rid of the positive blood (meaning the baby). It was so scary to hear the doctor say all of these things. And she seemed so calm about it all. After I went home and thought about it more, and did some research, I think I have calmed down a little, too, but did anyone else have this happen to them? I know I am probably acting like a crazy person, but I would hate to think that my body didn't want my baby in there :(
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Re: RH Negative

  • I am also RH negative and pretty sure my husband is positive, so the baby probably is positive. You can have you husband tested so you know for sure.  My MIL said she had to have the shot will all of her 3 children and that isn't wasn't a big deal.  I knew this was coming because I'm a nurse and I knew I was O Neg.  Don't worry too much about it.  To my knowledge it wouldn't effect this baby as much as future babies, but the shot prevents it.  But you have to get 2 shots.  One I think at ~26 weeks and another a birth.
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  • I am also RH Negative.  Which I knew prepregnancy.  I had some spotting in the beginning so I was given the RhoGam shot at about 6 weeks.  I will also have another one at 28 weeks and then again after delivery.  I was worried about it at first when I had the spotting but my doctor doesn't see it as a concern because he is aware of the situation. 
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  • My SIL has RH factor and had 2 healthy baby boys!  She just needed to go in and get the shots, but overall I think it's somewhat common and the doctors are well versed in how to deal with it.
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  • I'm RH negative. exH was positive and DD was positive when she was born. I had a shot at 13 weeks with her due to some pretty serious bleeding, had the shot again around 28 weeks and then the last one when she was born and they found she was positive. It's really not a big deal. This time, H is also positive so I will be having the shots again.
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  • As long as you get the shot there really isn't much to worry about. I got it with DD even though my husband is RH - too so there is no chance of us having an RH + baby.
  • Its not really this baby that it would be a problem with, it would be an future pregnancies.

    I am 0- and my DH is a positive. Both my girls have positive blood types, so I've had the shot with both and everything is A-ok so far. 

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  • I'm O- and my DH is O + so I will need the shot as well.  My doctor told me it is very common and I will just need the shot at 28 weeks (I think it could be 24 I can't remember off the top of my head)
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  • I have O- blood, so I had to have the RhoGam shot. You don't usually get it until around 28 weeks, but I already had mine (since I was spotting a lot). It was just a shot in the arm and they said I might have to have one more after I give birth. It really didn't seem like that big of a deal to me.
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  • It is quite a common occurence and is not a big deal at all, unless you don't get the shots.  I have had the shots with both kids, and have already had one with this pregnancy (due to some bleeding at 7 weeks). And actually it isn't even an issue with the first pregnancy (I'm not sure exactly how it all works) but its with subsequent pregnancies that your blood builds some sort of immunities that could be harmful.  In any case, as long as you get the shots, you will be ok. But make sure they give you them (they almost forgot at my delivery with my first until I mentioned it!).

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  • I am O- and my DD has a positive blood type.  Absolutely no problems, they just give you the shots.  One thing to remember is that if you have spotting, they like you to get the shot.  I had some bleeding at 8 and 10 weeks, and got the shot then, but I will still get it at 28 weeks and then post partum.
  • I am also negative and hubby is positive.  I had the shot at about 5 weeks pregnant (in the butt cheek- but wasnt painful). I've had alot of bleeding since then so at my appt yesterday, I had my antibodies tested to find out if I need another shot now. 
  • I am also RH- and I had to have the Rhogam shot at 28 weeks with DD and then again at her birth. I had a m/c this summer so got the shot then. I will also get the shot at 28 weeks with this pregnancy.

    My sister is also RH- and has had 5 healthy pregnancies with a rhogam shot at 28 weeks and birth.

    Sounds scary but it more common than you would think. Make sure you get your shot and all will be good.

    God Bless you!!!
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  • I am O-, and DS was AB+, so I just got the normal 28wk shot in my butt (which hurt a lot more than I thought it would) and then after they tested his blood at birth, I got another dose via IV. No biggie.
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  • Yes I am going through this now. My baby has hydrops (swelling around the body) My doctor believes this is because I am O- and the baby might not be. Its not to big a thing- the RoGham shot- needle in the butt after any invasive procedures and around 28 weeks, as well as after you have the baby.
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  • well, it's good you can be given the shot as a solution. my bff couldnt get the shot (because of her instance of being rh-) and it caused problems. (her son is healthy and gorgeous now for what it's worth.) glad the shot is available to you. :)
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  • This is by far the most informative piece of info I've read on this topic -

    This injection is a class C drug and is not without risks. I am amazed that doctors and even my midwifery practice pushed this drug on me without mentioning the fact that it is class C, it is a blood product and if you skip the 28 wk shot and just get one shot within 72 hours of birth, your odds of becoming sensitized are reduced from 16% to 1.8% (unless you are bleeding during pregnancy).  Women have a right to this information.


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