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TTTC with PCOS and Babies are EVERYWHERE!

So today (after calling 3 times for my blood work results) I found out that I am NOT pregnant AGAIN. *snif*

BUT it gets WORSE?.

So not only do I find out I am STILL not pregnant but ANOTHER one of my colleagues is pregnant! 9 weeks along?

Needless to say I bawled my eyes out today?

It isn?t that I?m not happy for her of course, it?s just I can?t make sense as to why it?s STILL not happening for ME! I put on a brave and happy face at work but I really felt like I was stabbed in the gut. She WAS very considerate of me. She took me aside and let me know in private (which I really appreciated) and I gave her a big sincere hug and a kiss. I am a REALLY good actress when it comes to hiding how I feel however. I have ALWAYS had to put on a happy face growing up but THIS is just eating me up inside. The LAST thing I want is for HER to feel badly! I just want it to happen so I can stop worrying about whether or not it will EVER happen?it HAS been 9 months!

Also my husband had to go right to work after I got home so I couldn?t even talk to him much. So I decided (puffy eyes and red nose and all) to do some ?retail therapy? and I went to a new store and bought myself a present. It was only a fancy soap and some walking tour travel cards for Paris but I asked that they gift wrap it and it made me feel a little better at least. Since I knew I was going to go home and wallow in my misery I figured I might as well get some new soap and smell better even if I feel like ***!

Otherwise ?.I called the Gyno AGAIN and asked when I should schedule my HSG (fallopian tube test) and they said AFTER my next period. So it is a waiting game AGAIN! My last period was February 4th so if all is going as it should I SHOULD have a period soon.

The hubs ?deposits? his ?specimen? for analysis tomorrow so we?ll see what becomes of THAT.

WOW this day SUCKED ROYALLY!!! My patience and optimism is TRULY being tested today!

Re: TTTC with PCOS and Babies are EVERYWHERE!

  • Can relate...two of my good friends are expecting and we have been trying since April 10 and I have endometriosis stage IV. A friend of mine who had some trouble concieving sent me this card today...."I believe in miracles. I think something beyond our understanding can come to us when we need it the most. And I really, really hope that you get your miracle soon."

     Hope this helps. Embarrassed

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  • It does and I am so thankful that you shared this with me!

    After the day I had I need all the encouragement I can get!


  • I am 19 years old. I graduated a year early from my church-school then less then a year married one of my close friends. March 27th is our 1st anniversary. I'm so excited but also scared. This week we decided we are going to start ttc. the only problem is that when i was about 14 or so i found out i had pcos. That's already bad enough. But I have read soooooooo many things online about it and am depressed feeling and scared about all of it. I know I just started ttc but hearing something actually positive from someone would be nice or encouragement at least. So scared..... :( *tear*   I don't want to just have started out in life with such a big negative note, i've always been a very positive person but this not so sure.
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  • aww I'm so sorry..I know how you feel! We had our last period on the same day! But-I was just diagnosed with PCOS this morning.. :(  Since last Friday I have been waiting for the results. And yes, it seems like pregnancies are popping up left and right...except mine! Its tough and I know we have a journey ahead of us but its what we have to do to get what we want. And I want a baby..

    Hope you feel better soon hun!! ((hugs)) and here's to getting AF this week!!!

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  • I'm sorry I feel you. Everyone I know is pregnant.

    After TTC w/ PCOS for 17 mo.s, we finally got our BFP!
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