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Back from vacation--used sposies for the first time

since E was 10 days old (2 days after his bris)

The verdict: the diapers were OK. Obviously nowhere near as cute as his real diapers. But the wipes!! OMG. How do people use disposable wipes? They are thin. They are tiny. They stick together so when you try to get one out of the package you get 10,000,000,000 at once. Plus they don't clean very well. We had one poop where I took one of the hotel's washcloths (!!!!!) and cleaned E's tush, because after about 20 disposable wipes he still was totally poopy. 

And the best part: I asked him "Which diapers do you like better, these, or the ones we use at home?" His answer: "The ones at home."



(Oh, and vacation was amazing, sad to be back home...)


(ETA: the diapers, and wipes, were Nature Babycare. These are the ones we used last time we used disposables, like I said after E's bris.)

Re: Back from vacation--used sposies for the first time

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