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First Ultrasound (longish and irrational)

In just a couple of hours I go for our first ultrasound to hear the heart beat and see how our pumpkins doing, I'm terrified that they wont see anything, the last one I had done was in an emergencyroom and the tech kept arguing with me that I could have been pregnate because my uterus was tiped and I was bleeding, she said well you can't be but 4wks and at that point I was supposed to be 8wks, any way I'm scared out of my mind.  please send t&p I really want to bring this baby home and for some reason I feel like if something was horrib;y wrong I wouldn't know it because of the hormones I'm on, like they would keep my symptoms going or something.                                 

Sorry this turned so irrational, and thanks for being here.

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Re: First Ultrasound (longish and irrational)

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