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Is anyone else nesting?

So... this weekend I insisted that we clean out our storage closet and get rid of any unneeded items and buy clear storage totes to organize all of our stuff because - cardboard boxes weren't good enough anymore I guess... I also emptied my linen closet, washed ALL The linens, and got rid of ones I don't think we'll use anymore. Is anyone else finding the need to get crazy organized and do things you normally wouldn't think twice about?
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Re: Is anyone else nesting?

  • YES!!!! I am going crazy organizing and re-organizing EVERY inch of my house Indifferent
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  • I am hoping and praying this sets in for me soon, because our house SO needs it!  lol

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  • Yep I am cleaning and organizing everything! Unfortunately because of the fact that I am moving to a new house in March/April I have been cleaning my moms house since I am currently staying there. I hope I still have some energy for my house!
  • Me too!  And I agree that it's the details that I normally wouldn't care about. Just not quite sure if it's just the urge to do some spring cleaning/organizing or if it's bump-inspired! I never really got the "nesting urge" with DS, but I also had PIH with him too so not sure if that made a difference...

  • I wish!!!  I'm too exhausted to do anything :(  I got in trouble for sweeping the kitchen floor yesterday because DH thought I was exerting myself too much, laaammeee.
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  • I never really got the nesting bug with DS but I'm definitely making up for this this go round! I made my DH repaint our master bedroom, threw out a bunch of stuff we had in storage that we hadn't used in over a year, bought a carpet steamer thing that I use once every couple weeks, had DH install ceramic tile in our two entryways (it was linoleum tile before and I never felt like it was clean enough), reorganized the laundry room and vacuumed the ceiling in there (needs to be done again).

    Next on the list is painting the closet doors, decluttering the kitchen and garage and then attacking DH and my closets. I haven't even touched DS's new big boy room or the nursery since DS's furniture isn't here yet, but once we get that ball rolling that will be a whole new round of cleaning/organizing!


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  • Me me me!  My DH is loving every minute of it.. that is until I ask him to do his big projects! lol I wish I could be like this all the time.  Plus, DH is happy that I am cooking up a storm.  Yesterday, I made cookies, muffins, and cinnamon rolls for this weeks lunches.


  • Fo sho.. I posted about my crazy-nesting self not too long ago.  The latest project was painting our bedroom.  Before that, it was the linen closet.. I was actually ironing sheets.  It looks lovely though.. Martha Stewart would be ashamed.
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  • It hit me two weekends ago... Cleaned everything in sight, reorganized things that were already somewhat organized, got 100% caught up on all laundry... and after I was so exhausted that I ended up having to go in to the doctors the next day.  I am now put on evening bedrest which is no fun but it was the better option than having to leave work for daytime bedrest.  Nesting + Twins @ 28 weeks = energy zapper!  Thank goodness I have the best mom who is coming to town Friday to shampoo our carpets (the next thing on my list) and I will stick to the smaller chores!
  • big time! I've been going crazy organizing and cleaning every nook and cranny in my house!
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  • Definitely. I've had curtains made for my DR and kitchen, built in bookshelves made for the LR and had the LR repainted as well. Not to mention all of the organization and cleaning out we have done in the entire house. I also sold most of DD's baby clothes at consignment sales as well, so that freed up a lot of space.
    DH says my nesting has reached way beyond the nursery and I think he's right!
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  • yup. I've started redoing window treatments, painting trim, gardening prep, organized all the closets months ago, and redid my sewing room.  

    So many more things are catching my eye.  

  • Yep. Anything and car is so clean!
  • I wish! It is so hard with a toddler running around to try to organize.  I think after my baby shower I am going to have my parents watch DD for the day so DH and I can do some cleaning/buying/organizing.
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  • I have been so in the mood to clean and organize, but I haven't been home in a couple weeks due to my grandpa getting sick and passing away. We were hoping to get to finally paint our nursery this weekend, but that doesn't look like its gonna happen yet again.
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  • Yes!  Some days I'll go crazy cleaning and organizing (like today), and then I'll lose the motivation the next day.  I'm hoping the last few weeks of pregnancy will involve constant nesting!
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  • Yep, I organized all my shoes by color yesterday...cause you know the baby will care about that and all!  I also cleaned out the medicine cabinet and linen closet.  I was also making a list of all the things I need to do in my classroom today too!
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  • Some days, YES, I can't stop!  Other days, I could care less.
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  • Umm, no. Hoping it hits.  I'm lucky if I decide to unload the dishwasher. :)
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  • I've been going off the handle! On my day off I took the vaccum hose to the ceiling and sucked up the cobwebs, moved the couch and vaccumed under there, dusted the ceiling fans, bought new curtains, new fitted bedsheet, and I still have so much to do, it's been crazy
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  • I think I've been nesting since the 2nd trimester began! My recent obstacle is getting DH as fired up to do things as I am. I spend most of my days off cleaning and/or organizing something in my house. We still have a few larger home projects to get done before LO arrives so I'm currently trying to get DH motivated to get those done.

    The projects for this month are: new bathroom flooring, new basement flooring, painting trim and chair-rail for the nursery, and recaulking the tub/showers.

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